10 Best Free Stock Tracking Apps For iPad, iPhone

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Here are 10 best free stock tracking apps for iPhone, and iPad that let you get all the latest stock news even while you are mobile. All these stock market apps are completely free.

Keeping abreast of changes in the financial marketplace has never been so easy. Countless companies have scrambled to create cutting-edge financial apps for the stock market investor to track their investments on their mobile devices. In this article, we deliver the best 10 free stock market apps for the iPad and iPhone.



Kathy Lien and Boris Schlossberg are two of the most recognized analysts in the fx market, with both making regular appearances on CNBC, Bloomberg TV, and other finance news outlets. This app offers up-to-date commentary on macroeconomic events affecting prices across all asset markets.


No longer is it necessary to enter, manage or liquidate a stock market position by calling your broker or even from your computer. Not you can do it from your mobile device! The E*Trade app allows a fully integrated trading platform to track prices and manage positions.

iStock Manager

This app allows you to link to your Ameritrade account and track prices or manage positions directly from your iPad or iPhone. It also provides up-to-date market commentary.


If you do not need a fully functional trading platform, but just want to track futures prices, this free app is one of the best. It offers the ability to track 100 different futures contracts at the same time.

Yahoo! Finance

Build your stock watchlist and track it with the Yahoo! Finance app. You can also access market commentary, track prices across several asset classes, and stay informed on the most recent market developments.

Daily Finance

This AOL app offers real-time stock quotes and news updates and an incredible amount of free financial data, all for free.

Forbes Intelligent Investing

This free app does not offer any real-time market data, but it offers a wealth of resources for broader investment practices. There are many videos and articles available to help people in their investment decisions.

Reuters News

Reuters is one of the most respected names in the financial world, as the company has provided cutting edge market data and information to major players for decades. This app is simply another step in the same direction. Traders can build stock watch lists, access up-to-the-minute market commentary, watch videos, etc. This app is especially useful for those who need to stay connected to the market throughout the day.


Similar to Reuters, Bloomberg is respected as one of the best firms for financial data. The Bloomber iPad app allows traders to track real-time market developments and stay abreast of an ever-changing global marketplace by tracking stock and forex prices.


Barron’s is one of the most widely respected financial magazines in circulation, and the mobile version for the iPad and iPhone is one of the best financial apps available. It offers engaging commentary across a broad number of asset classes in order to keep the average and professional investor abreast of all key macroeconomic drivers of price.

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