5 Free Websites To Learn Slangs Online

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to learn slangs online. You get to discover a lot of different words used in different regions of the world, and on the internet.

Parallel to sophisticated English terms that we learn through Webster’s, or Thesaurus, or Roget’s, there exists a lot of terms that are a part of our vocabulary in our day-to-day life. These words, or terms are a product of our vernacular languages and are defined by time and place of origin. Living in such a globalized world, a lot of these slangs find universal recognition, and invariably a place in popular dictionaries. But, still a lot of words remain highly localized and fail to spread around.

learn slangs online

Preserving slangs becomes as important as preserving local cultures and languages, for slangs define these vernacular languages to a great extent. Internet, which has its own set of slangs, thus becomes a reliable platform. It helps to spread around these local terms, that in turn helps to increase their longevity. 5 such websites that help you learn slangs online have been reviewed below in this article.

The 5 websites reviewed here are English Daily, effingpot, Online Slang Dictionary, Peevish, and InternetSlang.

English Daily:

learn slangs online

The first website to learn slangs online is English Daily. In is an online dictionary with a long list of American slangs. You will find all the words in a column on the page for which link has been given above. A new slang is added to this list everyday and you will find a word of the day column on top of the page.

A good repository of slangs is not the only positive of this website. All the words are explained in detail, along with examples. You will be able to read the definition, examples, etymology, and synonyms for every slang on this website. Go ahead and try it out.


learn slangs online

The tagline of the website says ” The Very Best Of British”. Indeed, going by the list of slangs available, this website surely justifies its tagline. effingpot is a good platform to learn slangs online, ie British slang. The never-ending list helps you learn many popular and not so popular slangs, along with their meanings. To make sure you understand them properly, synonyms and examples are also provided.

Basically, this is a blog run by an author who has had a first hand experience of living in UK. Going by the content of the blog, it seems that the author knows a lot about the country. British slangs is not the only thing that you will find here. A lot of information about British food, clothes, etc. is also available in other tabs. Check it out for yourself.

Online Slang Dictionary:

learn slangs online

Online Slang Dictionary is third in this list of websites to learn slangs online. The online dictionary has a lot of words and phrases to apprise you of. The website claims itself to be the oldest source of learning slangs and boasts of more than 17000 different words and phrases. All these words and phrases have been categorized according to their letters. You can select a particular letter and then go through all the words in that list. There are also different columns on the home page of this website. These columns contain the most recent slang words, most popular slang words, most offensive slang words, and more.

One of the many columns listed on this website is Slang of the day. This column shows a new slang word everyday, along with its meaning and examples. You can also subscribe to this service and receive new slang words directly in your email everyday. Sounds good right? Try it out from the link above.


learn slangs online

Peevish in another useful platform that you can visit to learn slangs online. This is a simple online dictionary with a lot of slang word and phrases. All these words and phrases have been organised into a list and presented on the home page itself. Since this list is too long, all the words and phrases have also been divided into groups according to alphabets. You can select any alphabet and go through all the words.

Other than learning slangs on this website, you can also submit a slang and contribute to its list. The option to submit a slang is given on the home page itself. Fill out the required form and your slang, once verified,  will find a mention in the list. Try it out from the link given above.


learn slangs online

Internet with all its Twitter, Facebook and many other social networks has made the users to develop their own dictionary of slangs. In a world where there is hardly any time for important things, surely there is no time for writing long words with their correct and complicated spellings. So as soon as possible gets replaced with ASAP, talk to you later gets replaced with TTYL, and more.

Internet has developed its own set of slangs that have gained popularity all over the world. This website, ie InternetSlang, introduces you to all these slangs that have been divided into groups. There is a column that represents all the currently trending slangs on the Internet. Another column picks up random slangs for you and defines its meaning. The website is full of such words and phrases and you can also make some suggestions. So, go ahead and try it out.

So what are you waiting for chaps? Get on with these above mentioned websites ASAP and learn some cool slangs for free ;)

Do not forget to share your thoughts with us once you are through with them.

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