5 Free imgur Extensions For Chrome

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Here’s a list of 5 Imgur extensions for Google Chrome. For those who aren’t familiar with Imgur, it’s a very popular image hosting site, with a very active community of users who are constantly contributing new images. Some of the more skilled Imgur users have created Chrome extensions to help find, browse, upload and manage images hosted on Imgur more easily.

This list covers some of the more interesting ones that I came across.

Imgur Extension by Metronomik

imgur extensions chrome 1

Imgur Extension by Metronomik is an all-around Imgur extension for Chrome with the help of which you can screenshot web pages and upload created screenshots directly to Imgur or re-upload images from websites to Imgur, in just 2 clicks.

All the controls can be accessed from the right-click context menu. Right-click on an empty space shows you the screenshot tool options (screenshot entire screen, current view or selection) and right click on an image shows the option to re-upload selected image to Imgur.

Get Imgur Extension by Metronomik.

Imgur Uploader

imgur extensions chrome 2

Imgur Uploader is exactly what its name says that it is, Imgur upload extension for Chrome with the help of which you can easily copy any image from around the web to Imgur.

By copying, I’m of course talking about re-uploading to Imgur. To do that just right click on an image and select the Upload to Imgur option. Upload starts automatically and when it finishes re-uploaded image opens up in a new tab. Images hosted on Imgur can also be re-uploaded using Imgur Uploader.

Get Imgur Uploader.

Also, have a look at MyImgur: Free Image Sharing And Uploading Software.

Imgur Album Horizontal Layout

imgur extensions chrome 3

Imgur Album Horizontal Layout will make horizontal layout the default Imgur gallery layout. Horizontal layout is where thumbnails of all images in the gallery are showed at the top, and down below images from the gallery are showed one by one.

Normally Imgur shows whichever layout the gallery creator selected. With this extension galleries are always showed horizontally.

Get Imgur Album Horizontal Layout.

Imgur Gallery Notifier

imgur extensions chrome 4

Imgur Gallery Notifier serves as 2 things. First it will give you quick access to the 16 most popular images of the day.

Secondly it can be used as a notifier when someone replies to your comments or sends you a message. If that happens you’ll see the dot on “i” on the extension icon change color from green to red. Click on the extension icon with the notification active takes you to the posted comment or inbox, depending on what kind of notification it was.

Get imgur Gallery Notifier.

Also, have a look at imgur Downloader To Download Imgur Albums, Gallery Photos, Reddit Pics.


imgur extensions chrome 5

Loqui is a chat extension for Imgur. After installing the extension, a chat window is going to become available from the right sidebar on the Imgur website.

You just need to refresh Imgur to see the chat sidebar and then login with your Imgur account so that you’ll be able to post messages.

Get Loqui.


This is another one of those situations where all 5 Imgur extensions from the list above can come in handy, and picking between them is impossible. They all do different things, so you can easily install and use all of them and then let me know which extension you think is best in comments down below.

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