5 Facebook Messenger Extensions For Google Chrome

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Here’s a list of 5 Facebook messenger extensions for Google Chrome which you can use to improve your Facebook messenger experience. You might not know this, but with messenger extensions and apps available at the Google Web store, it’s possible to do everything from changing the way that Facebook messenger looks like to using it without even having Facebook open.

If you’re interested in changing things up a bit and taking Facebook Messenger to the next level, keep reading and we’ll show you what you can do to make your Facebook Messenger more fun and practical when using it with Google Chrome.

Facebook Messenger Platinum App

facebook messenger extensions google chrome

First we’re gonna show you how to change the theme of Facebook messenger using Facebook Messenger Platinum App.

On the image above you can see how we changed the theme from the usual white and blue to this theme with a cute puppy as its centerpiece. Other themes are also available, mostly car related, Corvette, Audio, BMW, Ferrari, etc.

Get Facebook Messenger Platinum App.

SafeChat.IM Encrypted Facebook Messenger

facebook messenger extensions google chrome 1

Not only does SafeChat.IM take control over your Facebook Messenger contact list and allows you to exchange messages using its own client, but it also improves Facebook Messenger security by adding SSL encryption.

After installing the app, you’ll of course have to give it permissions to access your Facebook account and contact list. Once you’ve done that, when you want encrypted chat you just need to fire up SafeChat.IM. Regular chat is also available, if you don’t want to use SafeChat.IM.

Get SafeChat.IM Encrypted Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger

facebook messenger extensions google chrome 2

If on the other hand you’re not interested in an encrypted Facebook Messenger, but would like to have the standard messenger inside Google Chrome, Facebook Messenger extension is what you need.

Like every other extension, Facebook Messenger adds its icon to the top right corner of the interface. When you left click on it a window will pop-up where you should see a list of messages that you’ve exchanged with your contacts. Make sure that you’re logged into Facebook before running Facebook Messenger, otherwise it won’t work.

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facebook messenger extensions google chrome 3

Here’s a useful extension for Facebook Messenger that will come in handy when you don’t want people to know that you’ve read their message.

Introduction of the “Seen” and “Typing” alerts to Facebook Messenger has probably brought more harm than good. With them, you can’t pretend that you didn’t see someone’s message, which can come in handy when you wanna ignore someone. SeenBlock brings you back that “functionality”. With this Facebook Messenger extension you can block both “seen” and “typing” alerts when using Facebook Messenger.

Get SeenBlock.

Facebook Messenger Notifications

facebook messenger extensions google chrome 4

If you would only like to add Facebook Messenger notifications to Google Chrome, there’s also an extension for that.

It’s called Facebook Messenger Notifications and it adds notification icon to the top right corner of the interface, where extensions usually place their icons. You just need to make sure that you’re logged into Facebook, extension will do the rest and keep you notified about new messages and happening on Facebook.

Get Facebook Messenger Notifications.


There’s a little bit of everything on the list above. From security, eye candy, hacks to functionality, everything that you ever needed for Facebook Messenger can be found here. Give the extensions a try and let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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