5 Best Free VPN Services

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Here are 5 free VPN Services to create private networks. All these VPN services are completely free and help you create a virtual private network of all your devices, that can further connect to internet. These VPN services help in easily transferring files and data across devices by adding them to a virtual network.



PacketiX.NET is a free VPN service that offers its users free VPN Online test environment that is advanced platform for developing a convenient high security VPN system for your private network. The application is free to use and you can easily connect to private local area network to the remote places using Internet. The software developers provides their users a cluster of shared VPN hubs whereby you can create your own VPN hub and access to the remote systems.

To use this free service you have to download and install VPN connection manager to your system and connect to the private network to which you want to access. The application is developed to transport the network data packets privately, using encryption. Thus you can safely access the information from your office computer right from your home.

Generally, in order to access the remote systems, you have to create global IP address by yourself and then access to VPN servers, whereas with the help of this freeware, you get the benefit of using already created VPN hub where you need not set up a VPN server with a global IP address yourself. You can also administer VPN server easily with the web interface, thus this freeware can also be used by users new to VPN services.

Try PacketiX.NET free here.

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UltraVPN is free VPN service provider which successfully allows you ascess to the blocked sites and encrypts network connections remote to you. Using this web-based application is absolutely easy, you just have to download the software client and create username ad password for yourself. Thus you can start using VPN service from this application for free.

The free app when downloaded in the system, it dwells in your system tray. Just right-click on the icon in the tray and click on the connect button. You are connected to the VPN cluster, where by you an access to the blocked web sites, VoIP applications and also protect your email and browsing privacy.

The free app is secure and safe to use, as you use this freeware with the source code as it is or alter it according to your preference. It encrypts and anonymizes your network connection so that you can easily access to the web world where internet access is restricted for some purpose. The user interface of the app is very easy and thus even a novice can use the VPN service easily.

Try UltraVPN free here.



CyberGhost is another free VPN service provider that helps you to surf through the internet anonymously and privately, without leaving back info about your interest and personal preferences for the ad pop ups. The application works like your anti-spyware software that keeps intruders out of your network and you can access to the internet quietly and invisibly. The application offers you free VPN services, where you can use the shared VPN IP address while keep your anonymous. All the info that you have accessed from the internet will be kept secured.

The intruders searching for your IP address will not be able to track down your operations and you can surf the internet safely and privately using this freeware. With this free VPN service, you share an IP address with a number of other users to ensure you cannot be identified and distinguished. Moreover, all communication between your computer and the services provider’s server is encrypted and well protected to prevent any eavesdropping on data transfers. Thus you will not leave behind trails of al the vital information in the internet. Many websites save your address and the details of what you looked at just by saving your private IP address. Hence you can use this freeware to protect your privacy and secure your vital information in the web.

Try CyberGhost free here.



JAP AN.ON is free service provider of the VPN network hubs in the internet. The application allows you to visit various websites anonymously without anyone outsider tracking you. When you visit the website, the website logs your visits by saving your IP address. Your IP address contains all the vital info about you like your name, age, telephone number any outsider who can read your private IP address can access to your info.

The application provides you static address that is common to all the application users, thus eavesdropper can not determine which web site you visited and what info you accessed. The application is very easy to operate and to use. The app is designed to connect indirectly to the internet. Instead of connecting directly to a web server, users take a detour, connecting with encryption through several intermediaries.

Each intermediary carries out cryptographic operations so that the encryption by the app, data is only readable when it’s gone through the proper mixes in the proper order in every stage. Thus any intruder who tries reading your data packets and receives encrypted data or can no longer determine the sender.

Try JAP AN.ON free here.



The free application helps you to secure your privacy online from theft and ad pop ups. The application helps you to use the common IP address for accessing to the internet. While banking online or shopping, you can use this VPN service so that vital info generated by you in the internet while transactions are secured and kept safe. Secure your web session, data, online shopping, and personal information online with HTTPS encryption.

You can also hide your privacy online from intruders while you can assure of saving your vital information. The app is developed in order to provide you easy to use web interface while you can access to all web content privately without censorship and bypass firewalls. The application is required to be downloaded from the web site and you can launch it to your system.

The application is completely free to download and you can avoid the snoopers in the WiFi hotspots to read your packet data. The application transfers data packets with encryption so that no other than you can read the content of your data and you are safe from intruders. You can also use this freeware in your on corporate environment and access to the websites and web applications to which access is restricted.

Try AnchorFree free here.

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