5 Album Art Downloader Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 album art downloader apps for Android which you can use to download album art for songs/albums that you have stored on your Android phone. Not having album art when listening to music can drive you crazy, I know that it drove me crazy when I found out that some of the songs from my library didn’t have their album art. If your music player does not have album art download built-in, these apps can help out.

Let’s see the apps we found in the Google Play Store.

Cover Art Downloader

album art downloader apps android 1

Cover Art Downloader is a simple app, it’s a small app, but very good at what it does. First time that you run the app, it will check your music library and list all the music albums that you have.

Albums that have covers will also be showed, allowing you to change the album cover art if you don’t like the ones that are currently setup. To add album cover art to albums without it, just tap on the album name, and you’ll be offered with a album cover in a pop-up window. If you want to select a different cover or a cover from your gallery, select the Search button. Batch mode is also available which lets you download album art for all of your music at once.

Get Cover Art Downloader.

Album Art Grabber

album art downloader apps android 2

Album Art Grabber has a smoother interface from that of Cover Art Downloader, making it more easier to use.

All the albums from your music gallery are also listed here when you first run the app. Tapping on an album name offers you to either download a cover from MusicBrainz, Last.fm or to select one from the SD Card. Batch album art cover downloads are also present.

Get Album Art Grabber.

Also have a look at Free MP3 Cover Downloader: Cover Retriever.

Album / Cover Art Finder

album art downloader apps android 3

Album / Cover Art Finder has a search tool which can help you find album art online that can then be applied to music from your gallery.

Everything works the same as with all the others. You get a list of albums, tap on the album with missing cover art. Wait a few seconds and you’re presented with album art cover. Found cover art can be added to metadata of each song individually.

Get Album / Cover Art Finder.

Cover Art Grabber

album art downloader apps android 4

Cover Art Grabber is an album art downloader which focuses on two types of downloads, manual and automatic (meaning batch album art downloads).

Those are the two main options offered after running the app. Manual download works the same as with all the other apps. Automatic is more interesting because it requires you to tap on just one button and all the album art is downloaded automatically, in the background.

Get Cover Art Grabber.

Also have a look at Album Art Downloader XUI: Download Free Album Art for Music Albums.

Album Cover Finder

album art downloader apps android 5

Album Cover Finder is setup to work with Amazon.com and fetch album covers from there.

This album cover art downloader lets you configure the search terms used when searching for cover for a particular album. Music albums are of course automatically detected and placed in a list from where you can add start adding cover art.

Get Album Cover Finder.


All the apps that I covered in the list above are similar to each other. Since they are all great, and similar to each other, you can’t go wrong whichever one you pick. Try them and let me know what you think in comments down below.

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