5 Free Workout Apps For Android

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Here, are 5 free Workout apps for Android. Workout is a mandatory part in our daily life to be healthy and fit. There are multiple types of workouts which have different benefit of their own. Google Play Store has many workout apps to install on Android.

We will discuss about Workout Trainer app; one of the most popular workout app for Android, JEFIT Workout app, Daily Arms, Ab, and Butt workout app. You can install one of these app that suites you and keep yourself fit and healthy.

Workout Trainer:

Workout Trainer

Workout Trainer is a free Android app that has workout tutorial from expert coaches. Workout Trainer is one of the most popular app in terms of workout in Google Play Store. This Android workout app prepares exercise schedule according to your age, sex, type of exercise you want to do, and time of exercise on a day. Workout Trainer app schedules a particular set of exercise or program scheduled at the time of exercise which you have set. The app offers two different expert coaches with photos and videos of exercises which helps you to learn exercise in a better way. All the exercises are named with their perfect or actual name. The app explains the exercise with video and audio visuals. You can also tap on “Browse All” button to check all the exercises offered by the app.

The app even allows you to browse the exercises according to different categories like Abs & Core, Weight loss, Weightlifting, Cardio, Full Body, Running, Yoga, Arms, Stretching, Rock Climbing, and much more. With Workout Trainer app, you can also share the workouts via Facebook, Twitter, SMS, and more. Before watching the video, the app allows you to preview the workouts so that there is no confusion left after uploading the video for that particular exercise.

Daily Ab Workout Free:

Daily Ab

Daily Ab Workout is a free workout app for Android to make your Abs through daily exercise. This workout app is specially designed for Ab exercise. The app provides simple exercises according to your workout length and workout routine. The exercises are explained by a female trainer through a clear video doing the workout. Just watch the female trainer and start the exercise to make your Abs. Every exercise includes 1 minute of time duration. Perform each exercise for 1 minute in a day and see the difference. You can also select randomly from any exercise which you like the most. Workouts include Basic Crunch, Right & left Crunch, Bicycle Crunch, Reverse Crunch, Long Arm Crunch, Crossover Crunch, Half Curl, Vertical leg Crunch, and Plank.

JEFIT – Workout, Fitness, GymLog:


JEFIT is a free Android workout app that prepares workout schedule and provides GymLog on Android. This workout app is a great app which prepares workout schedule to keep you fit according to the goal set. Before getting started with the app, you need to register your profile and set your goals, so that the app can decide about the workouts for you. The app prepares day-to-day workouts which you can perform according to your suitable time. You can also check out the workouts for each body part which include Triceps, Biceps, Back, Glutes, Lower leg, Cardio, Shoulder, Chest, Forearm, Abs, and Upper leg. The app plays a video with cartoon character showing the way to do the workout. JEFIT is a complete workout app with full GymLog available.

Daily Butt Workout Free:

Daily Butt Workout

Daily Butt Workout Free is a free Android workout app which offers Butt exercises on Android. This workout app is similar to “Daily Ab Workout” app for Android. This app also displays exercise which varies from 5 min to 10 min. You can select any workout length which include 5 min, 7.5 min, and 10 min. You can also select workout routine and do workout accordingly. Exercises in the app include Squat, Side Lunges, Deadlift, Donkey Kick Right & left, Hip bridge, Leg extensions, Flutter kicks, and Froggy Glute lifts. Daily Butt Workout app plays a video with a female trainer to do Butt exercise. The app provides training with video and audio visuals.

Daily Arm Workout Free:

Daily Arms Workout

Daily Arm Workout is a free Android app which provides workout exercises for arms on Android. This app is also similar to Daily Ab Workout app and Daily Butt Workout app as discussed above. The app provides a video with female trainer explaining the exercises for arms. Exercises in the app include Overhead press, Tricep extension right & left, Bent over row, Reverse bridge dips, Half pus-ups, Half side plank right & left. You can select the workout length and the app will show the workout exercises accordingly. Also, you can select the workout routine to do exercise accordingly.

You can also check out the review on Body Exercise app for Android. Also, check out Android Pedometer apps.

If you find any other good workout app for Android, then do let us know in comments.

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