5 Free Android Pedometer Apps

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Here, are 5 free Android pedometer apps. A pedometer is defined as a device that estimates the distance traveled on foot by counting the number of steps taken. In phones, apps may use GPS or Accelerometer to know the distance travelled.


Cardiotrainer is an excellent Android pedometer app that monitors a lot of activities. The pedometer is very accurate and is guided by built-in GPS. This free Pedometer app will track every step taken by you. Cardiotrainer will help you keep track of distance traveled, steps taken, calories burnt and a lot more. Moreover, Cardiotrainer is designed for more activities like jogging, biking, running. Take a look at all your previous workouts and exercises in the History tab. There is also a Goal setting section – set a goal, train hard and achieve it. Users can also upload their records or other activities on Facebook. The Cardiotrainer is heavily rated Pedometer app for its features and accuracy.

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Noom Walk Pedometer Alpha


Noom Walk Pedometer Alpha is a new Android pedometer app by Noom Inc., the developers of the famous Cardiotrainer app. This Pedometer app is in Alpha version, but it works really better than most of the other pedometer apps. This free Android pedometer consumes little battery, and it keeps running behind to calculate the total number of steps you take on the whole day. Noom Walk Pedometer has a simple interface and is an easy to use app. This free Pedometer app tells about the calories burnt based on the steps taken by the phone’s owner. This Pedometer app does not provide us much but more can be expected in Beta or any Stable version of Noom Walk Pedometer.

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Runtastic uses the built-in GPS of Android phones to monitor the users activity. The features are similar with Cardiotrainer, but the User Interface is much different here. Runtastic is simple and easy to use. Set up goals, workout as planned and share your activity with friends on Facebook or Twitter. This free Android pedometer app lets you monitor your activities, progress and stay motivated.



RunKeeper is another one of the most popular pedometer apps that track the users activity with the help of built-in GPS. RunKeeper sync with runkeeper.com. So, to use this pedometer app properly, you have to create a free account at runkeeper.com. RunKeeper calculates the distance travelled, pace, speed and more stats very accurately.

BIDMC Walking Club Pedometer


BIDMC Walking Cub Pedometer works on a different principle than the above apps. The pedometer is based upon Accelerometer, instead of GPS in previous apps. What is BIDMC? BIDMC stands for Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. This Android pedometer was developed by their CardioVascular Institute in Boston. You can modify the pedometer’s reading according to your wish. The steps detection is very accurate.

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