5 Browser History Management Extensions For Google Chrome

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Here’s a list of 5 browser history manager extensions for Google Chrome which can help you manage your browsing history more easily when using Chrome. Every website that we’ve ever visited can be found saved inside the browser history. If you aren’t that particularly nitpicky when it comes to privacy, then this shouldn’t concern you. But if you share your computer with other people and you don’t want them knowing which websites you visit, then a history manager is just the thing you need to take better control over what gets saved and how.

Better History Manager Extension for Chrome:

Better History Manager does everything that we’ve just now described in the introduction, and it does it for up to 10 websites.

chrome history manager extensions

After installing the extension you get the usual top right corner icon. Left clicking on the icon opens up a settings panel where you can type in up to 10 domain names. Once the domain is on the list, Chrome won’t save browsing history for it. Click on the Scan & Clean button will also erase any existing browsing history that was already saved by the browser.

Get Better History Manager.

History Timeline

If you’re under the impression that Chromes’ own history viewer isn’t very appealing, then you might want to consider the History Timeline extension.

chrome history manager history timeline

With History Timeline you can turn your regular browsing history viewer in a timeline history viewer similar to the one that can be found on Facebook. Every website you visit is gonna be showed as a “post” on the history timeline, with thumbnails, integrated search, history cleaning and more.

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Better History

Better History brings better history management with the use of tags and other advanced history filters.

chrome history manager better history

With the help of tags you can easily sort websites based on their theme. So, for example, if you only want to filter out news websites that you visited, you assign the websites with the “news” tag. To select saved history for websites added to a particular tag, simply select that tag from the extension control panel. Other history filters are also available, hourly, daily, per domain and more.

Get Better History.

History Eraser

We can’t have a list of history management extensions for Chrome without having mentioned at least one super advanced history cleaner extension.

chrome history manager eraser history-3

History Eraser actually works as an app and it allows you to selectively clean a lot of different bits and pieces of browsing history. Cache, saved passwords, cookies, download history, saved form data, etc. Everything can be selectively deleted in just a few mouse clicks.

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Single Click Cleaner

Single Click Cleaner is great for everyone that needs to clean browser history fast, in a single click.

chrome history manager single click cleaner

Extension will add an icon to the top right corner. A single click on that icon cleans all the bits and pieces of browsing history that you configured beforehand by right clicking on the icon and putting check marks next to the things that you want to see deleted in the settings page of the extension.

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All the history management extensions that we listed here do different things, so it’s difficult to say which one would be a winner. You might not need them all, but make sure that you try at least one. We suggest the Single Click Cleaner, which is very useful for situations when you need to clean history quickly, as the name of the extension suggests it, in a single click.

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