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In My Diary is a full-featured free personal organizer. A personal organizer is a piece of software which can help you organize your daily routine and remember important tasks and dates. Add a diary feature to a personal organizer and you have a way to keep track of your thoughts and feelings. This is what you get with In My Diary.

Personal Organizer Diary Functions More Like Day Planner

When In My Diary first opens, it opens into what the designers call the diary function. It looks more like a day planner than a diary to me. A diary has a full-page per day. This shows two weeks, side by side. Click on a day and an appointment entry page will open. An appointment page is more day planner than diary.

Personal Organizer Notes Function More Like Diary Function

The creators of In My Diary call this the Notes page. I call it the diary. A diary is nothing more than a set of notes and observations about the day. When entering notes for the day, you will have to enter the date that the note is for.

Calendar Is More Than a Calendar

When you click on the Calendar tab in, In My Diary, it opens up to a twelve month calendar. When you click on a specific date on the calendar, the day planner, or as the software creators calls it, the diary function, opens into a weekly view showing two weeks on facing pages. As stated above, to enter appointment or reminder information, click on the day that you have the appointment or need the reminder for and enter your information.

Contact List

The contact list In My Diary is the only portion of the program that works the way I’ve come to expect of contact lists, with some minor differences. Data entry to the contact list is easy and straightforward. However, if you want to view all contacts in your list at once, the program exports them into a text file in a spreadsheet.

Appointment Reminders On Program Launch

When you open the program, if you’ve set an appointment or reminder, a dialog window opens reminding you of your appointment. These reminders can be set to come up prior to the event. This way, if the event is a birthday or anniversary, you can set the reminder to give you enough time to go out and get a gift.

In My Diary is a nice software to have if you like jotting down your thoughts every day and like to keep everything organized.

Editor Ratings:
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[Total: 2 Average: 5]
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