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QR Code Decoder is a free Firefox plugin to read QR Code image on Firefox browser. This Firefox QR Code Decoder lets you decode QR Code image from any webpage accessed on Firefox browser.

The plugin extracts the URL or the information saved in QR Code image and displays the information in a new Firefox window. On decoding the QR Code image which contains the URL of any webpage, the QR Code Decoder plugin displays a pop-up window showing the URL saved in QR Code image. You can then copy the URL or click on the URL to access it on a new Firefox window.

QR Code Decoder plugin

To use this plugin, you just have to right click on the QR Code image on the webpage. Now select “Decode QR Code” option to make the information display.

Apart from all these, the plugin works quite fast and is easy to use. I tried the plugin on 3 Firefox versions which include 12.0, 14.0, and 15.0, and the plugin worked well. The good part of the plugin is that, it does not provide any add-on icon in the adds-on bar of your Firefox browser (to make the adds-on bar display, click on View→Toolbar→Add-on bar. The adds-on bar will be displayed below in Firefox window).

Why You Need QR Code Decoder?

QR Code Decoder helps you to read the QR Code image and extract information from QR Code. Normally, you scan the QR Code with your mobile (Android, iPhone, or any other smart device) or some special QR Code reader device. But when you want to open the link on your web browser on PC, it becomes difficult as you have to copy the link from your smart device and then send it your PC to access it. To get away from all this,  QR Code Decoder comes into the picture. You can directly read the QR Code image from your Firefox browser itself.

Features Of QR Code Decoder:

  • Read QR Code image on Firefox browser.
  • Light weight plugin to install on Firefox.
  • Opens up QR Code information in a separate window.
  • Simple and easy to use plugin.
  • No icon on adds-on bar.
  • Supports the latest Firefox version.
  • Popular in Firefox Adds-On Store.

Install QR Code Decoder Plugin:

Click here to download and install QR Code Decoder plugin from Firefox Adds-On Store.

QR Code Decoder makes your work easier and of course faster by extracting information from QR Code on Firefox browser itself. Now you don’t need any smart device or any Barcode Reader to scan and read the QR Code.

If you use Chrome browser, then check out QR Code Decoder extensions for Google Chrome browser.

You can also check out some websites to generate QR Code.

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Works With: Firefox
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