Use Numeric Keys To Move Mouse Cursor On Screen In Windows 10

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This tutorial details how to use numeric keys to move mouse cursor on screen in Windows 10. The earliest Operating Systems had simple functionalities, and could only be controlled via the clickety-clack of the keyboard. Then came the revolutionary concept of Graphical User Interface (GUI), and things were changed forever. Fast forward to today, and almost every single Operating System (or any other software, for that matter) is GUI based, and easily navigable via the mouse that we have all grown to know so well over all these years.

The cursor (displayed as a small tilted arrow pointer on the screen), controllable via the mouse, has always been used to interact with the OS elements, and that’s still the case with the newest Windows 10. But what if you want to move it around with the keyboard keys? The reason? Maybe the mouse isn’t working, or maybe you just want to have some fun.

Super easy, my friend, as Windows 10 easily lets you control the mouse cursor on screen with the arrow keys on the numeric keypad. Sounds fun? Let’s see how to use numeric keys to move mouse cursor on screen in Windows 10.

enable mouse keys in windows 10

How To Use Numeric Keys To Move Mouse Cursor On Screen In Windows 10?

The mouse pointer/cursor can be easily moved via the numeric keyboard present on all modern keyboards. The four keys that can be used to control the cursor are as follows: 2 (for Down), 4 (for Left), 6 (for Right), and 8 (for Up). You can even use the Ctrl and Shift keys in conjunction with any of these four keys to respectively speed up or slow down the movement of the mouse pointer on screen. All you have to do is enable the Mouse keys setting. Here’s a step by step tutorial on how to do it:

Step 1: Open the modern UI styled PC Settings app, and click on Ease of Access from the list of settings displayed in the left pane.

windows 10 pc settings

Step 2: From the sub-options now shown in the left pane, click on Mouse. Head to the Mouse keys in the wider right pane, and click the virtual toggle corresponding to the Use numeric keypad to move mouse around the screen option to On. Here’s a screenshot:

windows 10 enable numeric mouse keys

That’s all it takes. You can now easily control the mouse cursor with the numeric keypad. Easy, right?

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The ability to control the mouse pointer on screen with the directional arrow keys on the numeric keypad is a pretty useful feature. It can come in especially handy for users who prefer to use keyboard for control and navigation, as opposed to the mouse. Do give it a try, and let me know what you think in the comments.

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