How to Create Mixtape for your Friends using Spotify

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This tutorial here explains how to create mixtapes for your friends using Spotify. There is a new feature in Spotify now called Friends Mix which now generates a mix playlist automatically based on what your friends usually listen to. This is different than the Blend feature that Spotify released quite some time ago. With the new Friends Mix, you will be getting a big mixtape full of recommendations that your friends will give to you.

Spotify recommendations are already better than almost all the music streaming services out there. Now, they are taking advantage of that to create something that would be welcomed by a lot of Spotify users. Friends Mix is one of those features and is right now available to iOS and desktop/web users. Android users will probably get this later within few weeks. For now, for it to work, you must have a few Blend playlists in your account and if you don’t have them then create them now with your friends to use this feature.

How to Create Mixtape for your Friends using Spotify?

If you already have Blend playlists with your friends then there are chances that you will get this new feature right away. In that case, you just have to go to the “Made for You” section in search. You can use the iOS app of Spotify or Web Player to find it.

Spotify Made for You

Now, if your Spotify has this feature then you will get this. The icon of Friends Mix looks like this.

Made for Us Spotify

Open the mix playlist now and here you will get the list of the songs that Spotify creates for you. It takes songs that your friends like and consolidates them all into a single playlist. And this creates a kind of mix tape that you can listen to. Here you will definitely find some new songs that you have never listened to but you will like them.

Frinds Mix Playlist

The interface of Mix is kind of the same as Blends but it works in a different way. After the name of each song, there is a profile picture of your friends that will be displayed there. It will indicate from whom you got the song recommendations. This way, you can just leave it and it will automatically create a mixtape using your friends’ recommendations.

Final thoughts:

As a Spotify user, I liked this feature and can’t wait to try it out on my Android phone. If you have used Blend before then it will be really easy to use the Friends Mix. If you have many friends on Spotify then you can give this a try right now and let me know in the comments. It’s okay if you don’t have an iPhone as you can always try it in Spotify Web Player.

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