6 Best Free Spotify Alternatives

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Here are 6 best free Spotify Alternatives.

These Spotify alternatives are a good source of streaming music online and keeping favorite tracks to your playlist(s). I have chosen these Spotify alternatives based on the following factors which most of the users love about Spotify:

  • You can easily listen to music or tracks of popular artists legally.
  • Unlimited music streaming for free.
  • Music Chart to check top songs, and
  • Radio Stations to listen to songs/music based on artists, moods, or genre.

These Spotify alternatives cover all or most of these factors. Apart from this, these Spotify alternatives have their unique features as well. For example, you can download songs (if option is enabled), create radio station to play music in a row, follow artists, etc. Some of these websites also bring good opportunity to independent artists, including you if you are. You will be able to upload as well as share your music or original tracks to let it reach millions of people. Lets begin with the first Spotify alternative present in this list.


SoundCloud- interface

SoundCloud is a very popular social music service which doesn’t need an introduction. It is one of the best Spotify alternatives in this list for sure. All the official songs and new releases of your favorite artist(s) can be accessed with ease. You can also follow the official SoundCloud accounts of popular artists and other social networking accounts (say Instagram, Tumblr, Official Website, Facebook, etc.). Features to like any song, repost a track, add tracks to playlist, insert comments to a particular section of a track, and share tracks are also available.

SoundCloud is also a fantastic platform for independent artists, as they can upload and share their originally created music or tracks on SoundCloud. However, free subscription limits the maximum number of uploads (only 3 hours), but if interested, you can also switch to Pro and Pro Unlimited plan to double the upload time or get unlimited upload time, and avail other benefits. As an amateur or independent artist, I won’t hesitate to use free subscription or upgrade with paid subscription to this widely used sound distribution platform.


Rdio- interface

Another great alternative to Spotify in this list is ‘Rdio‘. It contains over 32 million songs in its database. For a music lover, like me, it brings a pretty good catalog of music. There are separate sections available to explore New Releases, browse tracks, recommendations, and trending music. You also get the feature to browser tracks and albums by artist. Option to play Artist Station to listen to all the songs randomly of that particular artist is also available. You can like any track, add to playlist, and play a track later.

Interface of this music streaming service is pretty good and options are also well-organized. This also matters for users while using a Spotify alternative and Rdio has done a good job in this aspect, indeed.

Other features provided by this service are: keep track of listening history, share tracks with others, find people to follow them, etc. Some other options have also been provided by this music streaming service, like download option to listen to music offline, but you have to upgrade with paid plan.



Pandora is actually a free radio streaming service available in US, Australia, and New Zealand. It lets you create a radio station by artist, genre, or composer. After this, your radio station is used to play music based on your selection and more music with similar qualities. You can also add variety to that station by further adding another genre, composer, or artist.

Other than these features, Pandora gives you options to like tracks, share radio station, read about the artist, find similar artists, buy tracks, and share radio station to Twitter and Facebook. If all these features suit to your requirement, this radio streaming service can be the final destination for you. However, if you prefer adding tracks to playlists or directly play a song after searching, then you should use other services present in this list. Another solution in that case is to try some other free music steaming websites.


Last.fm- interface

Last.fm is also handy to fulfill your need of finding a good Spotify alternative. You can search music by genre, artist, album, etc. Based on your music selection, it also gives you personalized suggestions. This Spotify alternative also comes with Music Chart feature that lets you explore Top Tracks, Top Artists, Hyped Tracks by country and by tag.

Last.fm also brings a handy feature for artists (known as Music Manager) using which they can upload their own tracks. So, if you are an artist, then here is a good opportunity to promote your music on a bigger platform.

Some more interesting features that can catch your attention are also available in it. For example, you can track near by events or change the location to find events, combo stations to listen to tracks of multiple artists,



Stereomood is also a good Spotify alternative with a unique approach to music streaming. I’m sure you have already got pretty much idea about how this service works. This music streaming service lets you stream music on the basis of your mood which are curated from more than 150 best music blogs out there. You just have to type in what you are feeling and Stereomood will present you with a playlist matching it. The website has tagged all of its music collection very smartly which ensures that no matter how you’re feeling, but Stereomood will always be there for you. You can head over to the website for any mood like Happy, sad, romantic, nostalgic, angry, pumped up, etc.
While listening to the playlist matching your mood, you can easily skip songs, shuffle songs, add them to your favorite list, add to library and even jump to any particular song in the playlist. The website also recommends you matching artists and mood. The other good feature of the website is flip Mood. You can use it when you are finding it hard to decide the mood type, just click on the option and Stereomood will start playing a random mood. You can continue to use the option until you end up finding the perfect mood playlist.


Guvera- homepage

Guvera is the last Spotify alternative in the list which is worth consideration. This music streaming service has a very eye-catching interface. Guvera is all about playlists, it means all the songs are available for you to listen in the form of playlists. You can browse playlists manually or simply use the search bar to find your favorite ones.

The website also lets you create your own playlists. You can add songs to your playlists easily by using the Add to Playlist option. The other way of finding songs is via the tags. So you can use various tags like indie, pop, rock, hip-hop, etc..
The only drawback of Guvera for free subscribers is that they can’t view the songs included in the playlist. The other restriction is that there are only 6 skips allowed in free plan and after that, you will have to listen to the song played by the Guvera.


These are the 6 Spotify alternatives which you should give it a try. All of them are unique in the features they offer and the collection of the music they provide. Check them out and do tell me which one you liked the most. And, if you know any music streaming service which I might have missed and you think can be a good Spotify alternative, then feel free to share with me. I am looking forward to listen from all of you.

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