5 Story Telling Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 story telling apps for Android which you or your little ones can use to read stories or in case of some the apps that I covered down below, to even listen to them as audio books. Stories are a great way to keep the kids entertained. Reading a story before putting kids to bed is the de facto way how to help them sleep more easily.

Let’s see the Android apps that we found for you in the Google Play Store.

Magic Storytelling

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Magic Storytelling isn’t just a story telling app, it’s also a game. You get to play a role playing game, something similar to Dungeons & Dragons.

How the story will progress depends entirely on what kind of choices you’ve made. This gives the story a certain degree of interactivity as you get to control how your character will behave in the story the app sets forth for you.

Get Magic Storytelling

Storytelling book The Robe

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Storytelling book The Robe is a story telling app that has a single Japanese folk tale called The Robe.

Story is showed as text and it’s also read out to you as audio. Drawings are also available for each frame of the story. App only has this one story and is actually a series of several story apps that you can find in the Play Store, each app is a story for itself.

Get Storytelling book The Robe

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Storyteller – Audiobook Player

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Storyteller is a audiobook story telling app where you have access over 7000 free audiobooks from the LibriVox websites.

Stories that are available aren’t only fairy tales, there are also other classics, but what we focused on were fairy tales, and as you can see we found the grand prize, Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Audio book streaming will require internet traffic to be spent, so make sure that you’re on Wifi when listening to audio books.

Get Storyteller – Audiobook Player

Storytelling book The Crane

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Storytelling book The Crane is another one of those story telling apps from the same series that The Robe story is.

Everything works the same only the story is different of course. You can read the text or alternatively you can just listen to it as it’s being read. Great for little kids who haven’t learned to read.

Get Storytelling book The Crane

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Bible Storyteller

story telling apps android 5

Bible Storyteller is, like the name of the app suggests, a Bible story telling app which focuses on stories from the Bible.

Stories are available either as text or audio, notice the tabs that are available at the top. Stories are made for kids, with cute graphics and playful voices that read the stories. This story telling app also supports accounts. Registering an account allows you to favorite stories and connect with other users of Storyteller.

Get Bible Storyteller


Storytelling book series of story telling apps is great with Storyteller Audiobooks being closely behind. I like Storytelling book series of apps because they are simple and easy to use, but they are all great to be honest. Let me know which you think are the best in comments down below.

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