5 Recipe Manager Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 recipe manager apps for Android which you can use to get a better handle on your recipe collection. If you have all your recipes scattered around the house on pieces of paper, and you’d like to find a way how to get a better handle on them a recipe manager app on your tablet, or smartphone could very well be the thing that you need. Some of these apps can also be used to find new recipes.

My CookBook (Recipe Manager)

My CookBook is a recipe manager that lets you add your own recipes manually, to search and import recipes from the web and lastly to import any digital cookbooks that you might have.

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Image above shows how it looks like when you decide to add a recipe manually. Entire process of adding recipes is made simple by having all the important fields pre-set, ingredients, instructions, cooking time, preparation time, yield, etc. You can even add an image of the completed dish.

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ChefTap Recipe App

ChefTap Recipe App works just like My Cookbook, only it has a couple of extra features. By default, there will be 5 recipes that come with the app in your database. Up to 50 recipes can be saved without registering an account with the app. To save more recipes you’ll have to create a ChefTap profile.

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Recipes can be added manually, imported from the web (Springpad, Allrecipes, Epicurious, Pinterest or foodgawker), imported from text files and also from any other website by simple pasting an URL to the recipes (using the built in recipe scraper). Main dashboard shows a recipe list, the one that can be seen on the image above.

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Allthecooks Recipes

Allthecooks Recipes is actually an online community of chefs, and those who feel like it, where lots of recipes can be found.

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You can also contribute recipes of your own, but to do that and to save recipes from other users into favorites so that they can be found more easily next time, an account needs to be created.

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eLiquid Recipe Manager Lite

eLiquid Recipe Manager Lite uses a completely different approach to managing recipes. First it works offline.

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Secondly, it requires you to create a list of ingredients. You then use these ingredients when creating / adding recipes to eLiquid Recipe Manager. It’s possible to backup/restore recipes, but only to and from eLiquid Recipe Manager, not from the web or other similar apps.

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All Recipes

All Recipes is another online app where you basically get a database of 50,000 recipes at your disposal.

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Recipes can only be accessed with an active internet connection, and they cannot be saved locally I’m afraid. Search tool makes it easier to find recipes that you might like. You can type in “mushroom” and all the recipes involving mushrooms are showed to you.

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My Cookbook and ChefTap are my picks, mainly because they make it very easy to type in recipes manually, but they can also be used to import recipes from the web, if you want to build your collection that way. Others are also not that bad. Tell me what you think in comments down below.

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