5 Free Slots Games For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 slot games for Android for all those die hard gamblers out there. Even if you’re not a gambler you’d still want to enjoy a game of slots on your tablet or phone.

Slots are one of the more harmless casino activities, where you don’t run the risk of losing your life savings. Slots game apps for Android can be just as much fun, or even more considering all the extra features that they come with. I checked out some of the available ones from the Play Store, and here are 5 I liked the most.

Slots – Big Win Casino

Slots – Big Win Casino isn’t your classic slots game. It’s much more flashy with lots of bonuses, gold coins, and diamonds for you to collect by being lucky enough of course.

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The basics of a slot game are still there, though. Use the Bet dial in the bottom left corner to place a dollar bet and then tap on Spin to start spinning the slot machine. Goal is to win as much as you can and avoid losing all the money that you have.

Get Slots – Big Win Casino.

Las Vegas Casino – Free Slots

Las Vegas Casino – Free Slots is similar to Big Win Casino, with a couple of differences. For starters you can change the slot machine theme.

slot machine games 2

I went with modern, but there’s also vintage, western, Cleopatra and cats & dogs, the last two are premium themes though. Bonuses exist, you bet with gold. Both Big Win Casino and Las Vegas Casino slots are multi-line which means that diagonal lines are also accepted as a win, not just horizontal.

Get Las Vegas Casino – Free Slots.

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Classic Slots

Classic Slots is added to the list because with Classic Slots you’ll finally feel like you’re playing slots, instead of being being attacked on all sides with bonuses, upgrades, new lives and all the other annoying “in your face” offers that two previously mentioned slots game offer (which is the case with majority of slot games in the Play Store).

slot machine games 3

There are just three bars, you need to have three of the same kind to win a bet that you can place in gold using controls at the bottom of the screen.

Get Classic Slots.

Classic Slot Machine Free

Classic Slot Machine Free is even more classic and fun to play than Classic Slots.

slot machine games 4

Just use the controls at the bottom to setup a bet and tap on Spin to start spinning the slots. You can also tap on the Max Bet button to place the max bet and spin the machine, all in one tap.

Get Classic Slot Machine Free.

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AE Slot Machine

AE Slot Machine is also just a simple classic slots game, but it does have some more advanced features.

slot machine games 5

For example, there are themes that you can use to change the classic slot machine to a fruit slot machine, pirate slot machine. Interface is also more smooth and easier to read.

Get AE Slot Machine.


I really enjoyed playing AE Slot Machine, although the more “poppy” slots game like Big Win Casino, with all the extras like collecting diamonds, bonuses, various upgrades, support for multiple payable lines are also interesting. Try them all and let me know what you think in comments down below.

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