5 Free Websites To Find IP Address Online

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to find IP Address online. You can easily find your IP Address just by visiting these websites. Along with your IP Address, these websites also provide you other location details like your network connection, time zone, network area, and more. Your IP Address keeps changing from time to time and it is possible that the next time you visit the website, it will show a different IP Address. To test the authenticity of the information provided on these websites, I tried many platforms and from different connections. The fact that all of them showed the same IP addresses proves that the information is correct.

The 5 websites to find IP Address mentioned in this article are WhatIsMyIPAddress, GetIP.com, CheckIP.com, Trace My IP, and IP Location.


WhatIsMyIPAddress-find IP Address-home page

The first website to find IP Address is WhatIsMyIPAddress. As you click on the website link (given below), it will directly give you all the details. Your IP Address is shown on top with other details being mentioned below it. The other details that you get to view on this website are your network connection, Hostname, Country, State/Region. You can also see a geographical map on the website that shows the location of your network connection. This map can be viewed in two different modes and has zoom in, zoom out features. Lastly, the website also lets you check whether your IP has been blacklisted or not, by different sources.

Try WhatIsMyIPAddress here.



The next website to find IP Address is GetIP.com. This is also a very simple website that shows your IP Address as soon as you visit the website. Your Current IP Address gets highlighted on top of the page and other details are mentioned below in a box, with a map. The details that this website shows are Hostname, Numeric Address, Country, City, Latitude, Longitude, and ISP. The map also shows the location of your network connection but, it does not have the feature of zoom in. So, you end up having just an aerial view of the location. Along with the details of your IP Address, you can also find details for some other IP Address just by entering the address or Domain name.

Try GetIP.com from here.



Third website in the line to find IP Address is CheckIP.com. This website is very much similar to WhatIsMyIPAddress. You get to know all the details of your network connection, its location, Country, State etc. It also gives you the latitude, longitude measurements and comes with a map. The map can be viewed in four different modes and has the zoom in, zoom out feature as well. The whole interface of the website also looks very beautiful and simple.

Try CheckIP.com from here.

Trace My IP:

Trace My IP

Next up is Trace My IP. This website to find IP Address provides you a whole lot of information that is not available on other similar websites. Along with the usual details like IP Address, Hostname, Country etc., it also provides you some interesting information like Time zone, Browser, Operating System, and screen resolution. Although, these details are not that important, they definitely spice up the otherwise quotidian details section. They also kind of cover up for the missing map feature on this website. Details for other IP Addresses can also be found, if your register with the website. There are paid versions of the website as well that provide some more interesting features.

Try Trace My IP here.

IP Location:

IP Location

The final website to find IP Address in this list is IP Location. This is a very different website as compared to other similar websites mentioned above. It simply tells you your IP Address and does not provide any other details along with it. No map, location, hostname, etc. are provided. Instead of that, the website contains a table wherein, links to various other websites are given. The box shows your IP Address and other details, as you will find on those particular websites. The links to 4 different websites are given, along with the details. You can also view the geographical map, which will open in a new window.

Try IP Location here.

Try out these websites to find IP Address and give us your feedback in the comments section below.

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