5 Free IP Notifier Apps

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Here, is a list of 5 free IP Notifier apps.

An IP address is a unique numerical label that identifies your computer on a network. IP addresses can be of two types: Static and Dynamic. Static IP is a fixed IP that doesn’t change over time, while Dynamic IP changes on every system or router reboot. Most LAN and broadband internet providers nowadays grant a dynamic IP to its users to avoid load of static IP, since its hard to provide a static IP to all devices in a network. If you are having a dynamic IP, there may be chances that your IP address may never change or it may change quite frequently.

With a regularly changing IP, it becomes difficult to use some applications like Remote Desktop Sharing. Since in that case you need to make connection with a remote desktop using your IP address and if it changes in between, you may loose the connection. IP Notifiers comes handy in these situations since they monitors your dynamic IP in background and notifies you as soon as it changes, so that you may update that regularly.

So today we have brought a bunch of 5 free IP Notifiers for you. These software notify you when your IP changes. Some notify by system tray notification, while some have capability of sending email with new IP in mail. Have a look and give them a try.

IP Monitor:

ip monitor

IP Monitor is a free software that notifies you when your Dynamic IP changes. It’s a simple and easy to use application that automatically checks your IP address for changes and notify you through several ways including sound alerts, email notifications, desktop popups, etc.

In order to use IP Monitor, all you need to do is to configure SMTP settings for sending emails. This you can do from the “Options” panel and once you fill in all details (including SMTP port number and server name), you can test send a mail to verify connection. After that, you can carry on with your work leaving the rest to IP monitor. A mail will automatically be send to the address you have provided once your dynamic IP changes.

Apart from that, this free IP notifier offers plenty of other features as well. This includes providing logging support, multi-platform support, and interface customization options. IP Monitor is completely portable and runs without prior installation. Download free and give it a try.

Price: Free

Works With: Windows, Linux

To get it: Click here to download IP Monitor.

Mr. IP:

mr. ip

Next is Mr. IP, another free IP notifier that alerts you for every dynamic IP change happening on your system. It’s a small application that keeps displaying your current IP above the system notification area of your desktop and sends you a notification mail as soon as the dynamic IP changes.

Mr. IP works similar to IP Monitor. You can open the “Options” panel from the context menu of its system tray icon and fill in your SMTP details for making connection to send notification mails. Once this is done, you can test send a mail and if the mail is delivered successfully, you can leave Mr.IP working in background to notify you for changes in your Dynamic IP.

Mr. IP is a useful tool for monitoring changes in dynamic IP and if you are looking for a handy tool that can notify you whenever your IP address changes, this is a must try one!

Full Review: Click here to read full review.

Price: Free

Works With: Windows

To get itClick here to download Mr. IP.

IP Notifier:

ip notifier

Next is IP Notifier, another handy and lightweight notification software that alerts you for Dynamic IP changes via mail. Here also you need to set the SMTP configurations and save the changes to let IP Notifier work for you. Also, you can check the connection by sending a test mail like you send for the other previously mentioned services.

Another plus point of this free IP Notifier is that you can schedule to run it within Windows Task Scheduler. The app is completely free for personal use, while it requires a registration for commercial or business use. The free version also displays message popups whenever an IP change is detected.

IP Notifier is extremely easy to use and works without any time delays or application crash. Download IP Notifier free and give it a try!

Price: Free

Works With: Windows

To get itClick here to download IP Notifier.



IPChangeInformer is another free utility to monitor your system for IP address changes. It’s a simple app that regularly tracks your system’s public IP and notify you via email whenever it changes.

The app’s interface consists of nothing but a configuration screen where you can set all the options for making an SMTP connection to get email notifications. Once this is done, you can hide this free IP notifier to the system tray area where it silently records your system’s dynamic IP and notifies you whenever it changes.

IPChangeInformer provides multi-lingual support and keeps a log of all the changes within the app itself. It’s a simple and handy IP notifier app to try. Download free and check it out now!

Price: Free

Works With: Windows

To get itClick here to download IPChangeInformer.



Last is TrueIP, a similar IP Notifier app that keeps track of your system’s local and extrenal IP addresses and alerts you wherever a Dynamic IP change occurs. It’s a simple and useful app that provides information on your system’s current IP address(es) and host name in a single mouse click. TrueIP sits in your system tray area and keeps monitoring your system for IP address changes.

TrueIP provides several ways to get IP change notifications, including FTP, email, and message pops. This free IP notifier takes less system resources and keeps a log of all recent IP addresses for further reference. Download TrueIP free and give it a try.

Price: Free

Works With: Windows

To get itClick here to download TrueIP.

These were some of the best free IP Notifier apps I have found so far. Hope they work for you, though there might be temporary connection problems in some of the apps. Check them out and do let us know in comments if you find some better alternatives.

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