Steve Jobs is Dead

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I am very sad to report that Steve Jobs has died today. He was suffering from a rare form of pancreatic cancer. He was just 56 years old. He was the most creative, and risk taking guy I have ever come across. Whatever he created just revolutionized the world.

Personally, I started hating Apple as soon as I found that Macs run their own OS, and not Windows. And that they are still priced much more than traditional Windows computers.

However, that hatred changed as soon as I got my own iPod touch. It was amazing. I bought it as a music player for my wife on her birthday, and soon found it could do so much more; include remote controlling my computer. I loved it.

And then came iPad2. I was sold on iPad as soon as I saw Garage Band being played on it during the Keynote of iPad2’s launch. I knew I had to get one. I stood outside the store to lay my hands on this one, and still cherish it.

Whatever you see around in terms of touch phones and tablets; Apple invented it. It invented the idea, it invented specifics of it, and it invented the need for it. All other companies are just trying to imitate that, and not being able to do a good enough job. I use a top of the line Android phone, and it seems like something that is “Work in Progress”, as compared to an iPhone.

Apple devices are just perfect as soon as they come out. And you know that they are still going to make them even better soon.

Apart from gadgets, Steve Jobs also founded Pixar Studios, and all the greatest cartoon films come out from there.

Steve Jobs will be tremendously missed. I believe he has deeply embedded the culture of creativity and innovation in each employee of Apple, and they would keep bringing even greater things to us.

Rest in Peace Steve Jobs.

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