Whistle Cam For Android Lets You Take Selfies By Whistling

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Whistle Cam is a free selfie taking app for Android that lets you take hands free selfies, just by whistle.

To take selfies using this app, you just need to pose in front of the camera, and whistle; this app will automatically take your selfie. The best part is that you do not need to hold phone in your hand; you can place on a table, stand, etc. and stand a bit away from it, to capture a perfect selfie. The app detects the sound smartly and takes your shot instantly, without any delay. Isn’t it cool :)

Whistle Cam For Android


This selfie taking app for Android lets you take photo both manually or by whistle.

Before you take the photo, you can adjust lot of settings, to get that perfect shot. It comes with 5 White balance adjustments. It also provides autofocus as well as manual focus. You can also enable or disable the Flash.

One of the best part of this app is that you can take photo in silent mode as well, where the camera does not produce any sound while capturing the image. You can take you selfies and share them instantly on various social networks, like: Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Another similar app we reviewed earlier is “Whistle Camera”, which I personally prefer over this app. That app has additional options like adjust whistle intensity, and timer; that this app lacks.

How to Use this hands free Selfie Taking App For Android To Take Sefies Just by Whistle?

Whistle Cam is an intuitive selfie taking app for Android that can be grabbed from the link provided at the end of the review. Once installed, the app is ready to take selfies.

All you have to do is place the camera at any desired distance from where you wish to take photo, then strike a pose and whistle. It captures your photo instantly. You can also take your selfie with the tradition method of pressing the capture button, if required.

This app also offers many customization options, like: enable or disable the sound of the camera, enable or disable Flash, adjust White balance, and focus mode.

Whistle Cam-options


You can customize the sound of the camera by tapping on the Silent Mode, which lets you take selfies without making any sound. Of course, this option is not to take secret photos, as you will anyway have to whistle to take photos!

You can enable, disable, or customize the Flash adjustment to automatic mode. This app provides you 5 white balance mode, that you use while capturing selfies.

Whistle Cam-photo & Gallery


The thing that disappointed me while using this app is: absence of self-timer and whistle sound intensity customization option, which I suppose should be provided for convenience of users.

My Verdict About Whistle Cam:

Whistle Cam is simple, user-friendly, and easy to use app to take handsfree selfies. I wish they add more features, especially option to adjust whistle intensity.

If you want to take selfies of your baby, then you will love Baby Snaps.

Get Whistle Cam for Android here, or simply scan the QR code below:

Whistle Cam- QR code

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