Selfie Taking Android App to Make Kids Smile While Taking Photos

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Baby Snaps is a free selfie taking Android app for kids that let kids take their own selfies! Kids touch screen while playing simple games and their selfie is taken. The apps shows nice games on screen, like, cartoon animals. Whenever your kid touches those animals, the animals make nice sound, which is sure to bring a smile on your kids face. And immediately, the app will capture a selfie of your baby. This is one of the best way to take smiling photos of your kid.

It offers you two modes: Photo mode in which the app clicks photos when your kids play with it, and Play mode, where the kid can just play games but camera is inactive (perfect for the scenario that kid starts to like the game so much that he wants to play it all the times).

Baby Snaps For Android

All the photos captured by this app get collected in the Baby Snaps Gallery from where you can sort out the best one.

If you want to take your own selfies, then you definitely need to have Whistle Camera app on your phone that lets you take selfies by just whistling.

How to Take Nice Photos of Babies Using This Baby Selfie App:

Baby Snaps is a unique and interesting app. You can get it from the link provided at the end of this review.

On the homepage of this app, it offers you two modes: Photo mode and Play mode.

Baby Snaps- homepage

Photo mode: This mode offers two free fun games that can be easily played by kids to bring happiness to their face. The free games are Farm Game and Phone Game. There is a Jungle game also, but that is paid.

You can see Farm game on the Left below, and Phone game on Right side.

Baby Snaps- games

When you run the app in Photo mode, and run any of these games, the games screen shows a small display at the top. This display shows view from the front camera of phone. I have highlighted display in the screenshots above.

Now, when your kid plays these games and touches specific parts of the screen (like, animals in case of Farm game), the front camera takes a photo and puts in gallery. No matter how many time your child touches, this app will keep doing its work. Nice isn’t it :)

The games also have nice music, to further make the child happy. The music can be turned off, if required.

Do note that the app works with front camera only. There is no option to switch to back camera. This makes sense, as the whole purpose of the app is to take photo of the kids when they are playing with this app.

Play Mode: This mode opens the same games, but you can only play the games, and it does not takes photo in this mode.

All the captured images are collected within the Gallery of this app. You can easily choose the best picture out of all the selfies.

Baby Snaps- Gallery

Baby Snaps does not offer you any editing tools or other effects to apply onto the selfies to make them attractive. But there are lot of photo editing apps that can be used for that, like, this and this.

My Verdict About Baby Snaps:

Baby Snaps is quite unique and interesting selfie taking Android app for kids. I tried this app with a 1.5 year old kid, and the selfies came very nice. The kid was quite happy touching the animals to hear their sound, and the app would immediately capture the photo of the happy kid. How brilliant!

Get Baby Snaps for Android here, or QR code below:

Baby Snaps- QR code

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