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Update 2022: This software no longer exists. Try some other alternative now.

System Hardware Info is a freeware that allows to quickly view system hardware information in detail. Whether you want to know about system info, memory info, user account, network, data storage information, etc., System Hardware Info will help you to check each hardware component deeply. For each component, it provides separate tabs and lets you view detailed information.

For example, if you wish to view hardware information, then you can select whether you want to view information about serial port, USB controller, printer device bus, BIOS information, CDROM drive info, and much more. This special feature gives it a good stand in comparison with other system information software.

System Hardware Info- interface

This system hardware information viewer is really a helpful software when you got some problem with your PC and need some technical assistance from experts.

Above screenshot shows interface of System Hardware Info which is not so attractive, but helpful enough to easily view detailed information of selected option.

As you could see in screenshot below, separate tabs are available for each component that eases your work to view system hardware information quickly.

System Hardware Info- option tabs

Select any tab and use drop down menu to select an option whose information you want to view.

System Hardware Info- select an option

With a very short delay, selected option’s information will be in front of you.

Key Features of This System Hardware Information Software are:

  • A handy software to quickly view hardware information, system information, memory, data storage, network, user account & security information.
  • For each individual part, there are a lot of options available to view detailed information of a specific part.
  • Provides separate tabs for each component so that information can be viewed easily.
  • Lightweight system hardware information software.
  • Completely free to use for everyone.

Similar software with some good features we reviewed earlier includes: HARDiNFO, VeeSee Hardware Information, Najwa A3 System Information Software, and Sys Toolbox Pro.

Download and Installation Process:

System Hardware Info could be installed with the help of an installer. You can find the download link available at the end of this article. Installer is less than 1 MB and ad-free, so you won’t find any kind of trouble to install this system hardware information viewer to PC. After completing the installation process, you can open it from Windows start menu or using the desktop icon.


System Hardware Info is a good software that provides detailed information about individual hardware part of your system. Results generated by System Hardware Info are quick and accurate. Manually it takes a lot of time to view hardware details, but with this software, it is very easy to get system hardware information.

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