Free AI based Writing Assistant for Writers with Content Generator

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Writely is a free AI based writing assistant for writers with content generation. Here this is a Notion styles AI assistant that can work anywhere on the web. You just select a text and then choose an AI operation. It comes with a lot of content generation and fixing features that you will like. It works using the OpenAI API or you can also use its own free quo0ta that it offers.

We have covered many separate AI based tools such as grammar fixer, content expander, content summarizer, etc. But Writely here has all that. From text generation to text optimization, translation, and grammar fixing, it has it all. You can even use it to generate an entire blog post with all the necessary details. You can invoke it any website that offers you an editor such as WordPress, Facebook, Twitter.

Below is the list of tools and features Writely has to offer for a selected text.

  • Improve writing.
  • Fix spell and grammar.
  • Make text shorter.
  • Make text longer.
  • Summarize text.
  • Change tone.
  • Translate text.
  • Explain something.
  • Brainstorm ideas generator.
  • Blog post generator.
  • Creative story generator.
  • Press release generator.
  • Job description generator.
  • Pros and cons generator.

Now, let’s see how to use it.

Free AI based Writing Assistant for Writers with Content Generator

Writely comes as a Chrome extension, and you can use it on other Chromium based browsers as well such as Opera, Microsoft Edge, and Brave. So, install it from here and you simply need to go to its options page and specify whether you want to use the free quota or your own API key.

Writely set API Key

Open a website now and then write some text that you would like to feed to Writely. For example. if you want to extend a text for story writing then you can just do it. After that, you select that text and icon of Writely will pop up. Select text expanding option and then let it do it magic.

Activate and use Writely

After a few seconds, it will generate the content for you. And once it is done, you can simply insert it in the editor and then do whatever you like. You can also regenerate content if you didn’t like something.

Writely in Action

In this way, you can use this simple and powerful AI writing assistant to generate content on the fly by jut selecting text. Here I have only shown you one of the tools that it offers. You can see other options that it has in the list that I mentioned in the beginning and try them all to boost your productivity and creativity.

Final thoughts:

If you are a content writer or editor, then I am sure you will really like Writely just after trying it once. With this, you can come up with a creative and optimized piece of content that is SEO friendly as well unique. You may have to tweak a few things to escape the AI plagiarism. But overall, when you are using Writely, you will not have to use few extra tools for content because it has all of them already.

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