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AI Content Detector is a free tool that can detect whether a text is written by any AI tool or by a human.

As AI is rising in our world, the misuse of its tools is also on the rise. On one hand, where its optimum use can make your tasks easy, on the other hand its misuse can make you more dependent and lazier. Obviously, it is not good for all humans to completely depend on AI. The audience that is more prone to this problem is students. AI tools can easily write their homework and assignments. This can hinder their progress and education. So, it’s important to keep all of this in check. Now, how to do it? AI Content Detector can help you with it. As it easily detects whether a text is AI generated or not.

You just have to:

There is no need to sign up.

  • Copy the text that you want to check and paste it in there.
  • Click on the check for AI content button.

Your text should be of at least 25 words for a reliable result.

In a few seconds, it detects the predictability, probability and patterns and gives you the conclusion whether the text is AI generated or human written.


Talking about the limitations, the only limitation that I found in this web application is that the results aren’t accurate and confirmed. Small changes in the AI generated articles can change their patterns and the results can differ. So, I won’t say that you can be completely dependent on it, but yes most of the time it can work effectively.

Apart from this, there is nothing else that can be termed as a limitation. The application works just fine.


To summarize, I would say AI Content Detector can be a really useful tool for you if you need to check whether any content is AI generated or not. This is extremely helpful in preventing the overuse of AI. It is helpful for teachers as it can check whether students have completed their assignments with the help of AI or by themselves. The only limitation is that the results aren’t completely accurate and can be wrong sometimes.

In my personal opinion this website can be pretty helpful in detecting the AI stuff. Well, the limitation of it not being accurate makes it not completely trust worthy. But yes, most of the time the results come out to be correct.

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