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[Total: 0 Average: 0] is a free AI application that allows you to talk and interact with books. Yes, I know it sounds weird but you can interact with books. Come-on, everything is possible with AI now.

Basically, it works like ChatGPT. The way you ask your questions to ChatGPT, in the same way you can ask questions related to the book selected and the BookAI will generate answers. So yes, you will feel like you are talking with the book itself. There are times when we don’t get certain situations in the books and we need someone to help us get through it. What is better than the book itself?

So, how it works is:

  • First click here and open the free web application.

If you want to upload any book by yourself, you can simply do that along with its photo.

  • There are many different books already in this web application among which you can choose your desired ones.
  • Once you choose the book, a Chatbot will open and you can chat about the book unfiltered with it.

That’s it, chat about whatever you want and clear your confusions about the book you want.


While using this application, I couldn’t find any point that can be termed as a limitation. Its interface is simple and easy to use. We all have used ChatGPT and the way to use this is totally similar.

Just the only thing is that as it is an AI, there are times when your opinions don’t match with the AI.


To summarize, I can say is a great web application for all the Book lovers. It resembles a lot to the most popular AI chatbot, ChatGPT. Just select or upload your book and ask your questions. The AI will generate answers according to them. Anything, any line in the book, if you have any problem in it, the AI will clear them.

In my opinion, this web application can be a really great helper for book lovers. I myself like reading books and there are times when I need opinions on some points and what is better than taking them from the book itself? So, I suggest all book lovers give it a try.

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