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Generative AI Voice Playground by PlayHT is a free voice generating web application that helps you to generate any sentence in a given voice. Not only that, you can also add your voice and then say any sentence in that voice. So let us dig deeper and learn more about this interesting web application.

Playing with voices can be pretty interesting. Imagine your one favorite character speaking the dialogue of another favorite character. Yeah, you can even prank your friends by making them hear any sentence in their favorite celebrity’s voice. Generative AI Voice Playground is really good at this job.

To get this, all you need to do is:

You need to Sign up with your google account. There are already uploaded voices in which you can hear any sentence you want.

  • Type any sentence that you want to listen to in any voice.
  • Select the voice and the sentence will be generated in that voice.

For giving your personalized voice:

  • Simply click on create a voice.
  • Record or upload the voice that you want.

It will give you a series of sentences in that voice and you have to select the ones in which that voice suits the best. And your voice will be uploaded to the website and you can make it speak anything in that voice. Yes, it is really interesting to work with.


There are a few limitations that I experienced and thought should be noted while using this web application.

  • Not every sentence you type will be spoken clearly by the voice chosen. It only understands English which is why it mispronounces a lot of other language words.
  • There is an option of advanced settings for the audio but that doesn’t work very effectively.

That’s it for the limitations part.


To summarize, I would say Generative AI Voice Playground is a really interesting Voice tool where you can upload and play with different voices. Just give a sentence and select the desired voice and you can hear it in that voice. You can even upload any desired voice you want and play with it by giving different sentences.

In my personal opinion, I really liked this tool. As an enthusiast in voice acting, I love such applications related to voice. It is like now I have recorded my voice and can make it speak anything without actually saying it myself. I hope the limitations get worked on and it becomes possible for it to speak different languages. It will make it more effective.

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