RabbIT: Proxy Server to Speed Up Internet Speed

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RabbIT is a proxy for faster web. It speeds up the web surfing when links are slow. It believes that while doing so it compresses text in the website to 75% and removes extra ads and useless GIFs. Its main motive is to facilitate faster web surfing in times of low bandwidth. RabbIT is proxy for HTTP and being constantly developed to support latest HTTP/x.x

RabbIT is something that needs to be installed at the server from where you get your web access. So, if you get web from ISP, it has to be installed at your ISP. And if you have your own LAN, RabbIT would be installed at your main server. If you want something to be installed on your system, you can try Ashampoo Internet Accelerator, or Networx.

RabbIT works on some simple rules to minimize load of the web contents on links. It compress images and text up to 75% and reduce the size of images to 95%. RabbIT specially try not spoil the web landscape and removes unnecessary ads and background images. It filters the web pages and caches the page it filters and making them available to control headers. It accepts request from non-filtered pages by pre-pending no proxy to the URL.

RabbIT is developed in Linux and written in Java. Thus proxy runs on any platform that supports Java. RabbIT works by altering pages that you browsed earlier, so your page do not see images all time when you browse instead it gets image tag. This image tag is cached image to avoid request to cache everytime and giving speed to your surfing. It obtains images from processors and shows them as simple JPEG image instead of hi-quality GIFs.

Other features of RabbIT:

  • Easy and powerful configuration
  • Multi threaded solution written in Java
  • Modular and easily extended
  • Absolute HTTP/1.1 submission

RabbIT is not only a proxy, but also provide classes that may also be used in other assignments, if you want non blocking HTTP client or server code. Also in times of good band-width RabbIT works amazingly. As it compresses the text and images, the surfing gets superfast but of course at the cost of low quality viewing. And if some parts of images are already cached by the proxy, the speed gets boosted more often.

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