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Mr. Who is a useful free Whois Lookup software. A simple, lightweight, and insanely minimal application, Mr. Who lets you find out important information regarding a number of Internet resources such as domain name, IP address, and things like that. Mr. Who uses the standard namesake WHOIS query and response protocol to find out this information from the databases that maintain details about these resources and their registered assignees. Mr. Who supports more than 100 top level domains (TLDs) such as .com, .org, .net, and many more. You can query information either by providing the domain name, or by the IP address. Apart from that, it also supports one-key printing of the retrieved Whois information. Sounds interesting? Let’s dig in to find out more.

mr. who in action

How To Use Mr. Who Free Whois Lookup Software?

Before getting started with Mr. Who to find out detailed information about that favorite website or blog of yours, the first step is to obviously install the feather light (just about 1.6 MB) application. Installation is just a matter of downloading Mr. Who and well, then installing it. Here’s how this free Whois lookup application looks like:

mrwho mainui

Bet you’ve never seen a more minimalistic application like this, right? As bland as it may appear, the above window is all that Mr. Who has to its “user interface”. There are no useless menus, no icons, or anything else. All you have is a big box that displays the fetched Whois information. Above that, is a text field where you have to input the domain/IP address whose resource information you want to find about. Pretty simple stuff!

If there’s one thing that’s even simpler than Mr. Who’s utterly bare-bones user interface, it’s the usage. The UI itself instantly makes it clear as to how to go about using this thing. Here’s a little discussion on how to get started with Mr. Who, anyway:

Step 1: Fire up the application, and enter the domain name/IP address that you want to query for its Whois information. Once done, hit the Query! button on the right (or press Enter).

mrwho usage

Step 2: That’s it! Mr. Who will (almost) instantly display the relevant Whois information of the queried domain/IP address in the details pane. Some important details returned by the Whois lookup include the domain registrar, name servers, status, and creation/expiration dates. Apart from that, some other general information is also displayed. Check out the screenshot below:

mrwho lookup

Pretty cool, right? If you want to print this information for your record, you can easily do it, thanks to Mr. Who’s one-key print support. Simply hit the F3 key, and the returned Whois information will be automatically printed via the default printing settings.

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Mr. Who is a simple yet functional free Whois Lookup software. It’s super lightweight, minimal, and incredibly easy to use. Features like support for all major TLDs, instant Whois lookup using both domain name/IP address etc., make this little application quite a keeper. Do give it a try, you’ll love it.

Get Mr. Who Here.

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