20 Free Online Whois Lookup Websites

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This is the list of 20 free online whois lookup services. ‘Whois‘ is basically a query widely used to get information of registered internet resources, such as: domain name and IP address. In all these free websites, users have to enter the domain name or IP address (for e.g. “www.xyzpqr.com” or in a search box. In response, the websites provide registration details of that particular entry from Whois database.

Registration details for domain name include registrar details (name, URL, info.), Important dates (creation, update, and expiration date), technical details, host details, admin details, and other related info. IP Address details include topics like ISP (internet Service Provider) details, address, contact, etc. Lets have a look at these websites one by one.

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Who.is a good website with very nice and user-friendly interface. The website’s homepage provides a search box where you can enter a particular IP address or a domain name. Registration details for each particular entry is shown properly, making it very easy to understand for you.

Details for domain name include Registrar info, Important dates, Name servers, Raw registrar data, Site status, and Traffic info. Apart from that, it also shows website info, history, DNS records, and diagnostic. Each detail will be provided as separate section.

On the other hand, details for IP address are provided as a single list on results. You can find out details, like created date, updated date for that IP address, IP network, and more.



Whois-server.net is one of the easy to use website in this category. The good thing about this website is that it provides two resulting output formats: regular and HTMLized. In case you are having a slow internet connection, you can use regular output to generate domain name or IP address details as plain text. Or else, chose HTMLized output.

The result represents complete registration details for both domain name and IP address.



Whois.com is at third position in my list, which is a big website but a small part of it is contributed towards whois service. The results for domain name are stated in two sections: registry and registrar whois. The registry section gives result that include domain name, registrar name, important date, name server, etc. Whereas, the registrar section gives the complete registration details as explained in beginning.

The result for IP address gives complete details of the IP address in a list.

Whois – Search


Whois-Search is another website which is specifically designed to provide you Whois lookup service. As shows in the screenshot above, it has a simple and clean interface.

The details about a domain name are provided in two parts as a plain text: the usual registration and Internic (Domain name allocation and X.500 directory services governing body) details. IP address details include overall whois information. Other tools include Domain Search and What’s my IP in this website.



Whatsip.Net is another good website with simple user interface. The important feature of this website is that you don’t have to navigate whole web page to fetch the complete whois information. It gives information in a concise area.

Whois by DomainTools


DomainTools is another handy website. It has a very cool interface. The information for domain name is well-defined and also covers some extra sections for more information. Sections such as: whois record, site profile, registration, server stats, etc. Among these sections, site profile section is quite useful, as it provides complete overview of website whose domain name is entered by you.

The unique feature of this website is that it provides history of WhoIs records. You can see how many times nameservers were changed, how many times IP address changed, how many times registrar changed etc. However, to see exact details of these changes, you need to sign-up for a paid account.

Whois by Cybernet Quest


Cyberbet Quest (cqcounter) is next one in my list. After entering domain name or IP address, you have to scroll down the webpage to view whois information. It is so because it provides a good quantity of information before whois information. One irritating part is that before getting the results, you have to enter CAPTCHA.

Apart from whois information, it gives domain and Geo information for a domain name. And the IP address information includes Geo information and map location, other than whois information.

Whois by CentralOps


CentralOps is another fine website to fetch whois information for a particular domain name or IP address. One unique feature about this website is that you can select various categories for domain name or IP address, to generate results. Categories such as: domain whois record, network whois record, DNS records, etc. can be selected. But one shortcoming is that maximum 50 queries per day can be generated using this website.

You can also check online ping test tools here.

Whois by RU-Center


Next website in my list is RU-CENTER (Regional Network Information Center). It is another neat and clean website to generate whois information. Interesting feature in this website is that it represents both summary and complete whois information for the domain name and gives full information for IP address in a paragraph form.

Although it provides summary initially, for a domain name. But a link is also generated like, “Domain name information…..”, which you can use to get complete domain whois information.

Whois by BrainWrap


BrainWrap is another website in this list, which can provide complete information for domain name and IP address. It is a very simple website. You have to simply enter whois query and click lookup button to fetch information.

Web hosting and domain name service are other domain related services, this website provides which you can look for.

Whois by Janet


The last website in this list, that can give complete information about IP address and domain name is Whois by Janet. It is an ad-free website which gives complete and clean information for entered query, just below the search field.

Whois-service by BareMetal

Whois-service by BareMetal

This ‘Whois-service‘ is a lightweight website which is developed only to provide Whois lookup information. It doesn’t provide extra features, but is sufficient enough to generate information for domain name and IP address. It contains a search box where you can enter an IP address or domain name and can click and Lookup Domain button to generate result.

The result is represented in a very simple manner, plain text only. Although it doesn’t provide complete information for an IP address, but overall it is a very small, fast, and good website to quickly fetch information.

Whois by Network Solutions

Network Solutions

The next one is Network Solutions website which works quite similar like above mentioned website. That means plain text result can be generated for a particular domain name or IP address. For domain name information, you can also view “underlying registry data” at the bottom part of result, that helps to access domain name summary.

Whois by BigRock


BigRock is the next website which provides complete domain name information and summary of IP address information. To generate the information from its whois database, a security code (or CAPTCHA) is need to be entered, which might disappoint you

Other services provided by this website are domain name registration, web hosting services, etc.

Whois by ISOS


ISOS is next website in my list with a neat interface. It is the last one to feature full domain name information and summary of IP address details in this list. The website provides usual whois information, but is really fast as compared to others. It is completely ad free as well.

The information for a domain name is good and well sorted, showing initially registry details, then registrant details, admin details, and tech details for the domain name.

Below mentioned 5 websites are used to fetch only domain name whois lookup information. They don’t give information for an IP address. If you want to fetch only domain name whois information, then these websites can be useful.

Whois.net by Verio

Whois.net by Verio

Whois.net is one of the simplest website that falls in this category. As visible in above screenshot, you simply need to access its homepage and enter the domain name on search box to fetch the information.

A new webpage will open up which shows full whois information about that domain name. All the registration details are listed line by line as plain text.



BetterWhois is another simple website to get WhoIs information. Its interface is not so attractive, but handy enough to quickly generate any domain name’s information. A simple but useful feature present in this website is that you don’t have to type ‘www.‘ repeatedly, if you have to generate information for multiple domain names.

Apart from whois information, it can provide you domain name availability, registration, and related domain name suggestions as extra features.

Whois by MyDomain


MyDomain is another free website which provides you domain name whois service. Fetching the information is very simple like all above websites. But you have to enter the CAPTCHA code after entering the domain name to access the information. For each input domain name, it provides summary at top part of result page, and complete information at bottom part.

Whois by Neustar (ultra tools)


Ultra tools, it is another large website with nice and ad-free interface. It mainly provides domain services, but have recently added whois feature. It provides domain whois service only, but in a well-organized way. Whois information is divided into various sections, like registrant, registration, admin contact, technical contact, etc. This feature makes it very user-friendly. Apart from this, it also provides site profile (website information, SSL information, website title, etc.) and IP Info with Whois record.

Whois by Webstix


The last website in this list is Webstix. This website shows output in two different ways: The first one shows the complete whois information for input domain name in result. At the bottom part of result, you will find a link, named as: See underlying Registry Data. Clicking on that link will let you access summarized information of that domain.

You can also get some other domain name related services like web hosting, domain name registration, etc. from this website.


All 20 websites provide whois services, but there are little difference in all of them, as mentioned above. All these are completely free, easy to access, and doesn’t require any login or registration process. If you have any query related to a website or IP address, these websites would be helpful to explore the hidden information.

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