7 Online Ping Test Tools

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Here are 7 Free online ping test tools that you can use to ping any website or server. A good use of an online ping test is to check availability of your server, in case you are not able to ping directly from your computer using Windows ping command.

I was earlier trying to ping my server, and the request was getting timed out. However, my web host claimed that the server is up, and my PC’s IP is being blocked by firewall of my server. However, then I tried a few of these online ping tools, and they also failed, and then my host fixed the problem.

All these online ping tools are completely free, and do not require anything to be downloaded or installed. If you do want a downloadble software, check out free ping tool.

Ping Tool

  1. IP Address Guide: This is one of the best looking free online ping tool. You can provide any IP address to ping, and it will send 5 packets to that, and will tell you response time for each packet.
  2. T1Shopper: T1Shopper has another interesting free online ping test tool. You can choose number of packets to send (up to 100), and provide timeout settings. It also lets you do Traceroute, and NSLookup.
  3. iWebTool Ping Test: This online ping test tool lets you ping multiple IP addresses together. You can provide up to 10 IP addresses, and this free ping test tool will ping each of them. (Update: This one seems to be dead now).
  4. WebsitePlus: It can ping up to 1 IP address at a time. It also lets you choose the location from where you want to ping. You can choose from one of the three ping locations: Seattle, Munich, Brisbane.
  5. Ping.Eu: You can provide one IP address, and it pings that IP address with 4 packets. It also reports the roundtrip time of packets, including, min time, max time, and avg time.
  6. CentralOps.Net: CentralOps lets you ping one IP address at a time. You can choose number of packets to send, timeout, data size, and even ip version (ipv4 or ipv6).
  7. Network-Tools.com: This free online ping test tool sends 10 packets to your IP. Apart from ping, you can also use Lookup, Trace, WhoIs, and many other tools.

Also check out free websites to test internet speed, and free DNS propogation checkers.

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