Alarm Clock Software To Record Your Voice As Alarm Sound

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Voice Alarms is a free alarm clock software that lets you record your voice as custom alarm sound and use it as alarm sound.  This means that when it sounds the alarm, you can actually hear what you recorded as the alarm sound. It could be a note or a reminder to yourself.

This freeware lets you create event lists on which you can set and play custom alarm sounds. You can set different voice recording with each alarm. It keeps playing the your voice recording as alarm sound, until you stop the alarm. It is a portable freeware that can be carried in your Flash drives to play custom alarm sounds on various events.

Voice Alarms-interface

Voice Alarms lets you set the name of the event followed by the date and the time. To set custom alarm sound, either you can use a sound file that might already be in your PC (in .wav format), or you can record your own sound. This software has the ability to export events as TXT file. Later you can use that txt file with this software to quickly add all the events. This provides a good option to backup events for which you have set alarm.

Lets add events and record your voice to set custom alarm sounds.

How To Use Your Voice As Alarm Sound with Voice Alarms?

Voice Alarms can be grabbed from the link provided at the end of this article.

As soon as you double click the downloaded setup file, an intuitive interface appears in front of you that displays the date and the time. Below that, it provides options, like : Record Alarm Sound, Add Event, Save Events, and Load Events.

Voice Alarms-add event

To add an event, simply click Add Event option, or click the empty space provided below the date and time display. Here you can provide a title for your event, and specify date and time of the alarm. You can then either set the alarm sound as some WAV file, or opt to record custom alarm sound.

Voice Alarms-Record Alarm Clock

To record custom alarm sound, click the Record Alarm Sound button and record your voice and click STOP button to stop the recording. It saves your voice recording instantly.

If you are recording sound for the first time, then this software will give you an option to install an additional free software called “REBOL”. I am not 100% sure what that software does, as I was able to use this alarm clock software without installing REBOL as well.

After you have finished recording, this alarm clock software will play the recording back to you. You can then choose to associate this recording with the alarm event that you are trying to create. You can later use this recording with any other alarm / event as well.

The alarm begins on time without any delay and continues to play the sound until stopped manually.

The best part of this freeware is that, it lets you save your events as TXT files, simply by hitting Save Events button. Not only that, it also lets you import saved events (txt file) to this free tool by clicking on Load events button, so that you don’t have to recreate reminder events again and again.

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Other Features Of Voice Alarms:

  • Portable freeware to use your voice as alarm sound.
  • Simple and handy interface.
  • Allows you to edit alarm events right from the interface.
  • The PC has to be running for the alarm to sound. If you put your PC to sleep, then the alarm won’t sound. For such a scenario, you can use this software.
  • You can set recurring alarms. However, the repeat frequency can be set to daily only; you cannot choose to create an alarm that repeats every Monday. To do that, you will need to create multiple alarm events for each Monday manually (though, you can use the same recorded voice for each alarm).

My Verdict For Voice Alarms:

Voice Alarms is fun to use as it allows you to create custom alarm sounds in a few clicks.

I created many alarm sounds using this freeware and enjoyed setting the same on various events. However, creating recurring alarms is a challenge, and needs to be fixed.

Give it a try, I am sure you’ll like it.

Get Voice Alarms here.

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