How to Search Twitter Users by Bio?

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In this article, I cover 5 free methods to search for Twitter users by bio. Each method involves a website where you can type your keyword and search Twitter profiles which have that keyword in their bio’s.

On most of these websites, you don’t even have to create an account. You can simply run your query and these websites give you a list of Twitter profiles showing profile picture, name, username, bio, and an option to follow or DM for each profile. Some of these websites also let you add additional filters to get a more curated list in the results. So, let’s check them out one by one.

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5 Methods to Search Twitter Users by Bio:

search twitter profiles by bio

LeadByKeyword is a free web application designed to help grow business on Twitter. As of now, this app offers two features with more features coming later in the future. One of these features is search leads on Twitter by users bio for engagement. This feature allows you to search for Twitter users by their bio and engage with them either by a DM or mention.

To use this app, you have to log in with your Twitter account and authorize this app. Once you do that, it loads the interface with all its features. From there, you can search for users by bio from the Search Leads section. You can simply enter your keyword there and press Enter key to get the results. In the results, it shows Twitter profiles with a bio and the total number of followers.

Search Twitter users by their bio with this web-app here.

You may also check the video demonstration of this web application covered by us:

search twitter users by bio

Twiangulate is another free service to discover Twitter’s hidden network. To do that, it offers a handful of features to search the Twitter. Here, you can search Twitter users by Followed by, Followers of, Reach of, and Keywords. In the results of all these searches, this service lists the relevant Twitter profiles and show their bio, friends(following), followers count, and location.

The Keyword search option search through bios, so, you can use this to find Twitter users by their bio. Simply type a keyword and click the “Retrieve” button to get relevant results. You can also by adding a Twitter username to limit the results within that user’s followers.

Give this Twitter search tool a try here.

search twitter users by bio

One of the easy method to search for Twitter users by bio is TweepleSearch. It is a website solely dedicated to Twitter analysis. Along with the search for Twitter users by their bio feature, it offers search Twitter profiles, influencers, hashtags, and URLs.

You can simply type your search query in the search box here and run it by checking the “Only Twitter Bios” radio button. This finds the Twitters users who have your searched query in their bio and list them in order. On top of that, you can filter the results by name, location, URL, language, number of followers, and number of tweets to get a curated list of Twitter users that fulfills your requirements.

In the results, it shows users’ profile with username and bio. Alongside each profile, it lists a count of their followers, tweets, listed, and likes along with their signup date. The free plan offers 25 searches per day with 100 results per search. And, if you go with a paid plan, it lets you download the results as a CSV file along with extending your limits.

Search for Twitter users by bio with TweepleSearch here.

search twitter users by their bio

FollowerWonk is a Twitter Analytics freemium service to find, analyze, and optimize social profiles. Most of these features come under the paid plan of this service but the Search Bio feature is free with some limitations. The free version allows you to run 50 search queries per day and shows 100 results per query.

To find Twitter users by their bio with FollowerWonk, go to the Search Bio tab. In this tab, type your keyword in the search box and select search Twitter bios only option, Then, click the “Do it” button to get the results. You can also add advanced filters for location, name, URL, followers counts, following counts, and tweets count.

Search Twitter profile by bio with FollowerWonk here.

Google Search

search twitter profiles by their bio

Last but not least, you can use Google to find Twitter profile by bio. To do that, simply enter the following string in Google Search by replacing “keyword” with your keyword and press Enter: bio:*keyword -inurl:status

For example, if you want to search developer profiles, search the following text string: bio:*developer -inurl:status

In the search results, it gives you Twitter profiles who have developer keyword in their bio. By this method, you will get high-proximity results.

Closing Words:

These are the 5 free methods to search Twitter users by bio. Personally, LeadByKeyword and Twiangulate gave me the most relevant results as per my query. Other methods also gave relevant results but also added other related profiles. Check them out yourself and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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