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Grammar Bytes is a free website to learn English grammar. It offers interesting options for grammar learning, like: Quick Tips, Definitions, Exercises, Handouts, Presentations, Videos, etc. I find this website equally beneficial for both teachers and students.

You might not find the interface of the website very attractive, but the content for learning is really appreciable. All the learning is well facilitated with examples and even the questions in the exercises are catchy to keep the interest of the learner going. The site requires no registration or sign up .

Grammar Bytes Homepage

Using Grammar Bytes to Learn English Grammar:

You can follow the link available at the end of this review to reach the homepage of Grammar Bytes. You get an option to register for the MOOC course of Grammar Bytes on CourseSites. You can follow the link if you wish to take that course. Or else you can simply scroll down a little on the homepage to check the content available on the site to learn English grammar. Grammar Bytes offers you the following sections for grammar learning:


This section offers you descriptions, usage rules, and examples of different grammar terms, like: Absolute Phrase, Common Noun, Gerund, Interrupters, and many more. The list is quite long, and perhaps it has managed to cover almost all the important terms required to learn English Grammar.

You can click on “Terms” option on the homepage to view the terms available, and then you need to choose from the list of the terms. The explanations of the term has used a simple form of language, which makes things easier for the learner.

Grammar Bytes Terms

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After learning about the different terms in the previous sections, you can shift to this section to practice your learning. Here, you get exercises on different topics. Different exercises follow different patterns, like multiple choice, fixing the problems, etc.

To try the exercises, click on “Exercises” option on the homepage, and then choose from from the exercises in the list. After each answer, you’ll be told if you answered it correctly or not. It did not show any calculated score at the end of exercise, so you’d have to manually keep a track on that. I wish it offered features of self assessment, like ExitTicket.

Grammar Bytes Exercise


This section is more useful for teachers than students. You can get the handout of exercises in PDF format. You can take their printouts to test your class.

Grammar Bytes Handouts

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This section is very impressive, and good for learning. It offers PPT format presentations on different topics of English grammar. Teachers can deliver these presentations to the class, or students can themselves view them to learn. The presentations are available in the editable form. So, you can even modify them to deliver them better for the learning.

Grammar Bytes Presentations

Videos at YouTube:

In this section you can view the videos to learn English grammar. The videos are interesting and informative, but they cover some limited topics. I am sure the developers will keep posting more in this section with the time.

Grammar Bytes Videos

Rules & Tips:

Rules & Tips section contains brief explanation on different English grammar rules, and also some useful tips to grab these points easily. For most of the topics, it provides HTML and PDF versions, so you can view the rules and tips online or download (or print) in PDF format.

Grammar Bytes Tips

My Opinion on Grammar Bytes:

Grammar Bytes is very useful and informative place for those who want to learn English grammar. Interface of the website is pretty simple, and site looks to be focused to deliver the learning with simplicity. I would have loved it more if it calculated my score for exercises. Although, I love the sites that do not require me to sign up, still I won’t mind registering for this site if it keep a track on my regular learning. Even without that, I am impressed with the developer of the site. The content is very friendly, even for the beginners.

Go to Grammar Bytes.

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