5 Free Software To Improve Vocabulary

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Here is a list of 5 free software to improve vocabulary. As we all will agree, vocabulary is one thing that we are always looking to work on. No matter how good your vocabulary is, it is always good to learn some new words and stay updated. In any case, a good vocabulary is always a positive thing and helps you in all walks of life. So, having a software on your PC that helps you with the same is not at all a bad idea. I have compiled a list of 5 software to improve your vocabulary and you can go through them one by one.

The 5 software mentioned in this list are WordWeb, JVLT, Brainy, Vocab Test, and Interlex.



The first software to improve vocabulary is WordWeb. This is like having a virtual dictionary on your pc. It is a very helpful software and has a few good features up its sleeves. You can search for any word and the software gives you a complete detailed meaning for it along with examples. Not only this, it also provides you synonyms and antonyms for it. You can also use the feature of listening to the pronunciation of the word for overall understanding. There are a few other features as well that you can read about from here.

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JVLT is the next software that you can use to improve vocabulary. It is a very simple software that helps you to improve your vocabulary by creating your own database of words. There are no pre-installed words in the software. You can add new words on your own, along with their meanings and examples, and go through them from time to time. To make things interesting and enable you to test your vocabulary, the software has a “Quiz” feature. You can create a quiz from the existing words in the software and test your vocabulary.

Read the detailed review here.

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Brainy is the third software that you can use to improve vocabulary. The software runs in two different modes. In the first mode, i.e Learning mode, you can learn new words from the existing dictionary of the software and then test your knowledge in the Testing mode. In the testing mode, you are provided with different exercises that test your skills and how much you have learned. The software has a list of 3500 words that you can learn. But, you can also import your own list of words any time you want.

Read the full review here.

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Update 2022: This website doesn’t exist anymore. We recommend you use some other vocabulary test website.

VocabTest is the fourth software mentioned in this list to improve vocabulary. It is a very useful software and requires an internet connection for functioning. The software loads an entire list of words from the internet, along with the meanings, examples, synonyms, antonyms, etc. You can read those new words and memorize them. In addition to this, you can also import your own words. The software will automatically gather all the information related to that word like its meaning, and put it in front of you. You can even modify the info according to your convenience, Further, to test your knowledge, you can take up a spelling test, where you have to guess the word by looking at its meaning.



Interlex is the fifth and final software in this list to improve vocabulary. It has a very simple framework and is very lightweight as well. You can compile your own list of words and phrases on the interface and then learn it. Once you are done with one list, you can begin uploading another set of words. One distinctive feature of this software is that it supports a lot of different languages. So, you can learn the meaning of words in your native language.

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Try out all these software and do not forget to give us your feedback.

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