3 Chrome Extensions To Mass Unfollow Everyone on Twitter

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Here is a list of 3 free Chrome extensions to mass unfollow everyone on Twitter. These extensions help you clean your Following section of Twitter account in a click or two. Each individual extension has unique features also. For example, you can also follow people in bulk, set limit to unfollow people, stop unfollow process, etc.

There could be many reasons when you want to remove all your following people. You might want to start from the scratch, clean your Following list which is full of spam accounts, etc. For such cases, these extensions can be handy.

Let’s start with the first Chrome extension to mass unfollow people from your Twitter account.

Twitter unfollow

Twitter unfollow chrome extension

Twitter unfollow is a very simple Chrome extension and lets you mass unfollow everyone on Twitter in a single click. This extension provides its “Mass unfollow” button to begin the magic. One by one, all the people you follow on Twitter are removed by this extension automatically. You can also stop the process in between if you want, but when you have to clean your Following list, then continue the process till the end.

After installing this extension, open your Twitter account and access “Following” section. There you will find Mass unfollow button just before Edit Profile button. If that button is not visible, refresh the page. After that, click that button and it will start removing people from your Twitter account.

Twitter Mass Follower & UnFollower Pro

Twitter Mass Follower & UnFollower Pro Chrome Extension

Twitter Mass Follower & UnFollower Pro is another great extension to bulk unfollow people from your Twitter account. Just access ‘Following’ section and press the button provided by this extension. And as its name indicates, it also lets you bulk follow people. Thus, even after unfollowing people from your Twitter account, you can follow all of them again (if Following page is not refreshed) in just one-click.

After installation, you need to go to your Twitter account and click on “Following”. Then, you will see two buttons at the top right side: Auto Follow Them All! and Auto Unfollow Them All!. Use the second button and then it will start removing all the tweeps you are following. You can also stop the process anytime. Moreover, you can also set the delay between unfollow clicks by accessing Options of this extension. So, pretty good features come with this extension.

Twitter Mass Follow

Twitter Mass Follow Chrome Extension

Twitter Mass Follow extension is mainly used to bulk follow people, but it also comes with the feature to Unfollow All from your Following list. Also, the extension is similar to Twitter Mass Follower & UnFollower Pro. You need to install the extension, access the Following section, and you will see a pop-up with two buttons: Follow All and Unfollow All. use “Unfollow All” button provided by the extension. This automatically starts removing people from your Following section. You can also stop the process anytime.

The thing I like the most is that you can control or set the options based on which this extension will unfollow the people. You need to access Settings and then you can set:

  • Do not unfollow people with verified accounts.
  • Skip people who follow you.
  • Set delay time for unfollowing the people.
  • Set limit (like 6, 7, 8, etc.) to unfollow people. When the limit is reached, the extension will stop the unfollowing process.

Thus, it is a powerful extension and a good option to try.

We have also covered other free services to mass unfollow Twitter users.

The Verdict:

If you are looking for a very simple extension to bulk unfollow people from your Twitter account, then the first extension is perfect. However, if you need more options, then you should go for 2nd or 3rd extension. Among those two extensions, I will recommend you to try Twitter Mass Follow extension because it lets you add multiple options based on which mass unfollow process will start. However, if I have to choose only one extension from this list, then it is Twitter unfollow extension definitely.

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