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Mashduo is a free iTunes library comparison tool for Mac which you can use in order to easily and in a few clicks compare two different libraries to see how many of the songs are the same. To use Mashduo you don’t have to copy entire collections to a single computer, you just have to load the XML files which are not a problem to transfer over email for example, since they are very small in size.

Mashduo iTunes Library comparison tool

Interface of Mashduo can be seen in the image above. It’s very simple, with just two hot spots where you can drag and drop the playlists for comparison. Above that you can see short instructions which should help you get started faster, and down below you can open up advanced options where you can configure Mashduo additionally.

Key Features of this Free iTunes Library Comparison Tool are:

  • Simple drag and drop user interface for quick comparison setup.
  • Very small and light weight, doesn’t take up a lot of disk space.
  • Graphical representation of the library comparison results.
  • Generate a list of songs that are not present in a library.
  • Indicators for videos and protected songs which are present in library.
  • Email the generated lists from the program directly.
  • Compress songs in a zip file from your library and send them to friends.

List comparison is very useful when you for example are interested in seeing just how similar taste in music you and your friends have, or when you want to sync your library with someone else’s. Here are few tips to help you get started.

How to Compare iTunes Libraries with Mashduo?

First thing that you need to do is find the .xml file of your playlist. If you’re using a Mac it should be somewhere in the iTunes folder which can be found in the Music directory. Ask the person with whom you want to compare iTunes libraries to send you XML file of their own playlist. Drag and drop them and write down your name above the playlists, so that you know which is which.

Mashduo added files and settings

This is how everything should look like when it’s setup. Clicking Compare button down below will start the process of the library comparison. When it completes you should see something like this.

Mashduo song listing

On the left you will see your list, and on the right you will see the list of your friend. This will be the list of songs which are not present on the other list. Down below you can see options for exporting the list of song names, or in case of your own library you can see the Zip options which will create an archive with the songs that are missing from your friends playlist, so that you can send it to them.


iTunes playlist comparison is very easy with Mashduo. Analyzing works very fast and you can be done in a couple of seconds. If you’re using Mac, try this free iTunes music library comparison tool. Download it free. You may also try Bowtie to control iTunes on Mac.

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