5 Websites To Learn Six Pack Abs Workout Lessons

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Here is a list of 5 websites to learn six pack abs workout lessons. These websites come up with different exercises and schedules for you to follow and develop your abs.

For every person working out regularly at home, or going to gym, developing six pack abs are on top of goal charts, along with big biceps. Alas, the irony of life is that things most desired are the most difficult to come by. Developing & maintaining six pack abs is not an easy thing; it requires constant dedication, control, and hard work. Other than these elements, one more thing required for six pack abs is enough knowledge of exercises to do, and doing them correctly. Dedication & hard work is of no use unless channeled in the right direction. Thus, these website help you in learning the right lessons to develop six pack abs, and they do it without charging you anything.

The 5 websites reviewed below in this article are Muscle & Fitness, BodyBuilding, SHAPE, Men’s Fitness, and Men’s Health.

Muscle & Fitness:

six pack abs workout

The first website to learn six pack abs workout lessons is Muscle & Fitness. This website comes with a full 28 days program to get those abs flashing. The program covers all the aspects like your diet, training, and different exercises for different days. Before starting with the program, you can read the overview on the page linked above. Once you begin, there is a whole chart that you have to follow religiously for the next 28 days & beyond. Day 1 of your program includes abs/cardio exercises, lasting over 75 minutes, containing 7 different exercises. There are videos attached to learn a particular exercise, and details like how many sets, break duration are also mentioned in the chart. You can also skip the program by a few days to jump directly to a particular day, although this is not advisable. Check out the link above, and share the program with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc.


six pack abs workout

BodyBuilding is another platform that helps you learn six pack abs workout lessons for free. This website also comes with a 30 day program to help you grow your abs. Even though the program focuses on the entire body, it gives special attention to your abs, and abs exercises are first in line in every session. The program enables you to develop a beach-ready body in 30 days, and is on power with what a professional body builder does before the final days of a competition.

There are different exercises that you have to do on different days. Thus, the online program divides all such exercises and puts them together in groups. For example, day 1/8/15/22/29 of your program have same exercises, hence, they are put together in one group. Videos have been attached to these groups, so that you get the postures right. Do not forget to go through the introduction before entering the program. Check out the link above.


six pack abs workout

The third website in row to do six pack abs workout is SHAPE. If you are among those bunch of people who strongly believe that crunches are the best way possible to get abs, you need to take a look at this website once. The website provides 9 different core exercises that deliver you flat bellies endless crunches cannot. The article on six back abs workout includes exercises like lunge split jacks, dead bug, sit-ups, kneeling crunches, and a few more. Each exercise in the article comes with GIF image for you to properly learn the moves, areas on which it works, and a brief description on how to do the exercise the right way. At the end of the article, there are links to some of the other articles as well like Top 10 abs exercises. You can share these articles on social networking platforms, and also print them for free. Check out the link above.

Men’s Fitness:

six pack abs workout

Men’s Fitness is another platform that comes up with exercises & routines to develop your six-pack abs. It has got exercises for both beginners & experts, and these exercises include variations to prevent your muscles from getting bored. However, before beginning with the exercises, you need to go through the first three paragraphs of the article. These paragraphs help you understand where you stand in terms of your diet, that more is not always good, and the many benefits of going through a six pack abs workout. Once you are through it, go to exercises part and start working out. Also go through the next article on the next page to learn to strip away the excess fat on your body. Check out the link above.

Men’s Health:

six pack abs workout

Men’s Health is the final platform listed here to learn to get six-pack abs. What is different on this platform is that it comes with a 10 minute six pack abs workout session. This highly efficient & exhausting routine includes 5 different exercises that you should aim to perform 2-4 times in a week. You can either perform this routine either at the end of your normal session, or as a standalone session. This non-stop training program is aimed towards working on your core muscles so that, along with good diet you can have a nicely shaped body. The routine includes crunches, sit-ups, plank, and extended plank without any break in between. Check out the link above to know more about these exercises and how to perform them.

We all have six-pack abs on us, and it is only about shedding that extra fat to get them flashing. These above mentioned websites help you with exercises to shed that fat, without charging you anything for it. Check out all of them one by one and give us your feedback through comments.


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