5 Websites To Do Free Online Photography Courses

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Here is a list of 5 websites to do free online photography courses. The websites roll out a lot of informative articles and lessons for learners of every level.

Photography as an art form is really beginning to evolve these days; it is becoming more inclusive than ever. It was thought of as a skill possessed by a few professionals, who with their big cool cameras brought the moments alive. However, with good quality camera phones available cheaply these days, and the growing presence of professional DSLR cameras among common public, this long-held perception is beginning to fade. A person carrying a DSLR on street these days does not catch much attention as he would have a few years back.

So, what do you do next once you have a decent camera in your hands? Obviously, you click pictures. But, clicking pictures the kind of which you want to click is not that easy as it sounds. Photography is an art, but it does require a lot of technical knowledge as well. And it is only fair that if you are getting cameras cheaply these days, you also get cheap or free lessons to learn to use them. This is what the below mentioned websites do for you, provide free online photography courses.

The 5 free websites reviewed in this article are Udemy, Photographycourse.net, Strobist, Digital Photography School, and photo.net.


online photography courses

The first website to do online photography courses is Udemy. Udemy is an excellent website running multiple courses for photographers of all levels. There are a lot of different courses available on the website relating to different aspects of photography. These courses include lessons, chat forums, discussions, quizzes and a lot more. You just have to enroll yourself in one of these many courses and start going through it. However, most of these courses available on the website are not free and require you to pay a certain price. Nevertheless, there are a few of them that can be accessed for free.

Ditch Auto- Start Shooting In Manual is one such course that it available for free. This course is aimed at beginners who are looking to explore the full potential of their professional camera and move beyond auto mode. It includes 37 video lessons, a few quizzes to test your knowledge and different chat forums to discuss stuff with others. Check it out from above link.


online photography courses

Another free website to do online photography courses is Photographycourse.net. It has got some real material for aspirants in the form of articles, lessons, tips, tutorials, and more. Everything is available for free and all you have to do is start grasping the knowledge straightaway. There are expert articles on the home page on topics like tips to produce low-key images, things to keep in mind while purchasing a lens and more. There are other tabs available as well that contain tutorials, tips and more.

Among all these different tabs available on the website, one such tab is named courses. It contains categories like Beginner courses, Intermediate courses, and advanced courses. All these different courses contain multiple lessons that you have to go through before moving forward. So, it’s a place where everyone can learn something.


online photography courses

The third website to do online photography courses is Strobist. This is basically a blog which is quite popular among amateur photographers who swear by the courses available on it. The website provides two main courses that mainly benefit the beginners and also lists photographs that you cannot stop admiring.

This website is mainly focused on the use of light and flash in your pictures. It provides you with lessons on how to use the light and flash in your images and make them look worthwhile. The two available courses teach you everything right from the start. In case you do not believe it, just go through the featured images section right above.

Digital Photography School:

online photography courses

Digital Photography School is another comprehensive website to do online photography courses. As the name reflects, it is an online school for photography lovers who can learn a lot on this platform through tips, tutorials, and a lot more. There is material available for all newbies, intermediate and advanced shooters.

Basically, the website is divided into three different sections; from tips to capturing images to learning about your equipment to finally gaining knowledge of post production, i.e editing part, you can learn everything on the website. There are different tabs earmarked for all these activities and new material is uploaded from time to time. You can filter the material by recent, popular, and featured. Also, you can subscribe to the free newsletter that provides material not necessarily available on the website.


online photography courses

The final website to do online photography courses is Photo.net. You may not necessarily get different courses for different levels on this website, but the tips, articles, and images available on the website make for a great learning experience. The website has been there for a long time now and as a result has accumulated a vast database of articles, images, and contributions by a large number of users. You can learn tips on wedding photography, sports photography, go through several discussion forums, learn about different equipment, search your favorite images, read reviews, and much more. It really is like entering a library which is full of information on Photography. And as if all this was not enough, the website, on its home page, lists out 9 more reasons to visit this platform, and it includes chances to win photography contests, lenses, and more. Check out the link above.

“A picture is worth a thousand words” goes the popular adage. So, if you are out there wondering how to speak less yet express more than visit these websites learn the art, and start expressing ( pun intended).

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