5 Free Websites To Find Guitar Chords For Songs

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to find guitar chords for songs. You can find chords for favorite songs and play them on your guitar.

How to get over the stress of working for long hours in office? or what do you like to do in free time? I am sure a lot of you will have at least one common option in reply to these questions; music. Listening to music or playing a musical instrument, if you are lucky to know how to play one, is a great way of getting over all the stress. A very popular instrument that we love is guitar. A lot of people love to play their favorite tunes on their favorite instrument. But what if you do not know chords for your favorite tunes? Don’t worry! Through this article I will try to solve this problem for you. You can find chords for your favorite songs simply by the entering the lyrics of artist name.

The 5 free websites reviewed here in this article are Chordie, Ultimate Guitar, E-Chords, Heartwood Guitar, and Muzland. 



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Chordie is the first website in this list where you can find guitar chords for songs that you love. You can search from a library of large number of songs that this website possesses. There is no registration required for you to search and find chords for your favorite songs.

Basically, Chordie is an online community of music lovers who love to figure out the chords of different songs and list them here. You will find that most of these chords are perfectly accurate and you can start learning them in no time. As I said in the beginning, this website has a large library of songs and it is highly unlikely that you will not find a particular song here. All the songs are divided into alphabetical groups and you can search via lyrics, or artist name. The only problem you will find here is that a lot of chords listed are inaccurate and you have to spend time finding the right one.

Ultimate Guitar:

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Ultimate Guitar is another nice platform to find guitar chords for songs that you would love to play. You can search the song through lyrics, or if you do not remember the lyrics, with the help of artist & album name as well. Like Chordie, this website also has a large repository of songs to learn. The lyrics of the song are written and the chord that needs to be played is mentioned above it. Unfortunately, the option to listen to the song while learning & chord display have been reserved for paid users.

There are a few interesting things about this website that you should know. The website not only has guitar chords for songs, but song reviews, music news, etc. are also available. There is also a Top 100 tab that contains a list of evergreen songs that you wished you could play yourself.


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E-Chords is the next website where you can look up to find guitar chords for songs of your choice. It provides you some very easy and multiple ways of searching a song. You can search a song by lyrics, artist, album, or even by using some part of the lyrics. If you have forgotten the song, this website has every possible way to help you locate it.

E-Chords is a nice platform to find guitar chords and learn them, especially for beginners. The reason I say this is because of all the helpful tools available while practicing. While you are practicing your song, there are tools that help to change the display exactly the way you want. You can change the font color, drawings and more. A beginner would love to have a chord display while learning the chords, so that he/she does have to review how exactly a particular chord is played. All these options are available here.

Heartwood Guitar:

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Heartwood Guitar is the penultimate website in this list, to find guitar chords for some amazing songs. This website has its own gallery of songs and you will find chord charts for only these songs. There are roundabout 600 classical or hit songs that you can learn to play on this website. The author of this website provides these chord charts for you to learn. Pick up any of these songs and start learning. Chords are mentioned above the lyrics and where you have to hold etc. is also mentioned. There is also a chord guide that you can go through before you begin to learn the song.

A very interesting part of the website is the blog of the author. In his blogs, the author teaches you some basic skills of guitar, apart from learning the chords. You can learn things like how to strum, how to tune your guitar, and more.


find guitar chords

Muzland is the fifth and final website in this list that I managed to find for you to learn guitar chords of your favorite songs. It is that sort of website where you will not find enough chord charts, but the ones available are really helpful. The website has a limited library of songs that you can learn to play. But, the more popular ones are there for you to learn. The chord charts include lyrics of the song with all the chords written above them. On the right hand side of the chart, you will also find finger notations of all the required chords that need to be used in learning that particular song. You also have the option of hiding these chords.

Another interesting feature is that you can also play the song in the background while learning. This gives an overall look to the learning procedure and helps in better preparation. Such an option is not available on many platforms, especially if you are using it for free.

These are the 5 free platforms that I discovered out there for you to find guitar chords for your favorite songs and start learning them. If you have any suggestions, do convey it to us via comments.

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