4 Best Free Craigslist apps for Android

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Here is a list of 4 Best Free Craigslist apps for Android. These apps allow you to browse the numerous classifieds available on Craigslist in an intuitive fashion. There’s no denying the fact that the Craigslist website isn’t among the most intuitive ones on the internet, and these free apps definitely trump the official option in that department. Using these apps, you can browse for classifieds, post your own classifieds, and even get notified for matches for your saved searches! Take a look yourself.

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1. Mokriya Craigslist

Mokriya CL client

Mokriya Craigslist is one of the best Craigslist apps for Android. It is intuitive, fast, has an interface which looks great, and is simple to use. This is one avatar of Craigslist that shall make you forget the official website. You can see classified from around the globe, and can even post a classified yourself! Mokriya Craigslist for Android is completely free to use and doesn’t even have any ads, so go ahead and give it a try!

2. cPro

cPRO for Android

cPro for Android is a feature-rich Craigslist app with a simplistic approach. The app has some unique features that include a map browser, photo gallery, and double tap to dismiss an ad, among others. This app lets you select multiple locations all around the world to search from. You can even post a classified yourself. Searching for something urgently? cPro has a built-in Notifier feature which can notify you of any new matches for a particular search.

3. Postings

Postings for Android

Postings is another free Craigslist app for Android. This app is elegant to look at, and has a swipe-based interface with tabs. It offers most of the essential features, and you can choose to use the light or the dark theme by going to the in-app settings. Postings also has a plug-in app which acts as a notifier for any searches that you save. You can get the Notifier app from here.

4. CNT

CNT Craigslist for Android

This one is as simple as it gets. CNT is one Craigslist app for Android which will remind you of the official Craigslist website for sure. The app just has the bare minimums when it comes to interface, but has almost all the features that you need. For those of you who feel that too many UI elements here and there can make an app look complicated, this is the app to look out for.

And, you have reached the end of this list of 4 Best Craigslist apps for Android! Maybe now is the time for you to trade some stuff over the Internet. Any comments? Rotate the mouse wheel a wee bit more and fire on!

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