5 Google Chrome Time Tracking Extensions to Track Time Spent on Websites

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Here’s a list of 5 Google Chrome time tracking extensions. These extensions can be used to keep track of time that you, the user, spend viewing and browsing websites. Sometimes in order to stay productive, you need to stay away from certain websites because every time that you open them, they end up taking up the majority of your time. To actually admit that there’s a problem, you first need to check and see how much time exactly you spend online, browsing those websites. If you’re a Chrome user, extensions from the following list should help you do exactly that.

Website Time Tracker for Chrome:

Chrome time tracking extensions timeStats-0

Website Time Tracker starts keeping track of which websites you’ve visited and how much time you’ve spent on them right away after, you’ve added the extension into Google Chrome.

Statistics about website usage are grouped according to domain. Website activity is processed and then it should be showed in the form of various different graphs and pie charts.

Get Website Time Tracker.

Simple Time Track

Chrome time tracking extensions simple time track

With Simple Time Track you get to keep track of time spent doing pretty much anything and everything, not just time spent viewing a certain website.

This is actually a task time tracking extension, where you can add tasks and keep track of time spent working on a task. For our intents and purposes, instead of adding super important tasks, we can add website domain, and that way keep track of time spent on websites.

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Chrome time tracking extensions timetrackers

Here we are with website visit time tracking extension number three, Timetracker.

Just like the Website Time Tracker, Timetracker starts working right away after you install the extension. As soon as you visit a website, it’s gonna get logged and visit duration will be saved. Left click on the extension icon to see a list of visited websites and time spent on each of them.

Get Timetracker.

Webby Tracker

Chrome time tracking extensions webby tracker

Webby Tracker is another extension that works pretty much the same like every other website visit time tracking extensions that we mentioned up until now, but with a few notable differences. After installation it starts tracking your online activity right away.

Unlike others, Webby Tracker offers a bit more statistics about the time that you spend on websites. For example you get percentage comparison where next to a website you will see percentage of time spent on that website when compared to all the others that you’ve visited.

Get Webby Tracker.


Chrome time tracking extensions timeStats

timeStats is the most advanced time tracking app that we were able to find. You get detailed daily, weekly and all time stats that tell you on which websites you spend the most of your time.

Graphs and pie charts are available showing you comparisons between websites where you’re active. In other words they show how popular certain websites are with you, how frequently you visit them, how much time you spend on them of course, etc. Everything works right away after installation, automatically, there’s no need for any kind of setup.

Get timeStats.


We recommend that you try timeStats first, because it offers a lot of useful information which is displayed in an awesome way. If you on the other hand need simplicity, then you can try any of the other website time tracking extensions that we mentioned. They are all useful, with just very small differences setting them apart.

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