5 Currency Converter Extensions For Google Chrome

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Here’s a list of 5 Google Chrome currency converter extensions which you can use in order to convert currencies from inside Chrome. When dealing with online payments, you sometimes end up needing currency converters, so that you know how much a certain job needs to be charged in local currency of the person with whom you’re doing business. In these types of situations currency converters are very useful. Since most of us are inside a browser during these types of situations, it makes sense to have a currency converter extensions, so here they are.

Currency Converter for Chrome

The first currency converter extension that we’re gonna be talking about is called “Currency Converter” which seems fitting, considering that it converts currency.

Chrome currency converter extensions currency converter

Over 150 world currencies are supported, and you can convert up to 15 currencies at once. New ones can be added by clicking on the Add button, see image above. Currency exchange rate is fetched from the Yahoo Finance website. Conversion takes place as soon as you type in the values.

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Chrome Currency Converter

Chrome Currency Converter supports 40 of the world currencies, which is less than what its counterpart from a minute ago does, but Chrome Currency Converter has one major advantage.

Chrome currency converter extensions currency converter chrome

As you can see on the image above, Chrome Currency Converter can be used to convert prices automatically, right away on the page. It will detect numbers which are in the vicinity of currency symbols and automatically convert them for you. Manual conversion is also possible using the Mini Converter feature.

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Currency Converter

Here’s another currency converter that bears the name “Currency Converter”. Just like with the first Currency Converter extension, this one also supports a large number of currencies.

Chrome currency converter extensions currency converter auto

To convert currencies, you just need to click on the extension icon from the top right corner and there type in the values and the currencies that you want to see converted (to and from).

Automatic conversion is also available. You just need to hover over prices on websites and they are gonna be converted as a tooltip or right away on the website, depending on how you configure the extension.

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Currency converter chart

Now unlike all the currency converter extensions that we’ve talked about until now, Currency Converter Chart is aimed more at those users who would like to know what the current currency exchange rates are.

Chrome currency converter extensions currency converter chart

Conversion can be setup manually if you right click on the extensions’ top right corner icon and select Options.

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FXware Currency Converter

We’re finishing off our list with yet another simple converter which supports all of the major world currencies and even some obsolete currencies, which are no longer being used, like the Deutsch Mark.

Chrome currency converter extensions fxware currency converter

On top of being able to exchange currencies, FXware also supports precious metals like gold, silver and platinum.

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All of these extensions are very useful, and which one you’re gonna pick depends on what you’re after. We liked the Currency Converter extension, the third one from the top. Try them out and let us know which one you think is best.

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