Logo Quiz Game For Android: Identify Logos and Score Points

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Logo Quiz is a free Android game to play quiz game based on logos on Android. This Android gaming app is a nice gaming app especially when you are aware about logos of popular brands or companies.

The concept of this Logo Quiz game is to recognize logos of popular brands and enter the name to earn maximum scores. Earning maximum scores will let you unlock the next level in this game app.

This Logo Quiz game for Android includes up to 16 game levels which you can unlock with ease. Each game level includes multiple logos to solve. Just tap on the logo and name it to increase your game scores.

Logo Quiz

While playing the game, make sure that first you should solve all the logos which you know about. Solving the logos without any guess increases the number of hints, scores, and of course the solved numbers. Hints in the game helps you when you are confused between the two brands or you know the brand name but you are unable to remember the same. Hints in the app gives you an appropriate explanation about the brand and helps you in remembering the brand name of the logo.

This Logo Quiz game for Android is a simple and easy to play game. You don’t need any sign-up or registration until you want to submit the game scores to scoreboard. The best part of this Android game which I liked the most is its resume option. It remembers all the logos which you have solved and mark the logos as solved. Now anytime you can close the game and continue the game from the stage where you left. You don’t need to solve the game level again. But, I don’t know how to restart the game and play the game again from first level. I tried but I did not find any way to restart the game.

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How To Know Number Of Logos To Solve To Unlock Next Level?

To unlock the game levels, you need certain number of logos to solve. To know the number of logos to solve to go to the next level, just tap on the start button on the next level game window and the game app will give you the pop-up showing you the number of solved logos required to unlock the level. For e.g., if you are playing level 1 of the game and you want to know the number of logos to solve to unlock level 2, then tap on start button in the level 2 window. The app will give you the pop-up showing the number of solved logos you require from level 1 of the game.

Features Of Logo Quiz Game For Android:

  • Play Logo Quiz game by recognizing logos of popular brand and companies.
  • Displays number of scores or points and number of logos solved.
  • Find the percentage of the game level solved.
    Logo Quiz Levels
  • Resume the game from where you left last time.
  • 16 levels included.
  • Each level of the game includes multiple logos to solve.
  • Hints are available which depend on the number of logos solved without any guess.
  • Check the game play stats.
  • Submit your high scores with ease.

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Install Logo Quiz Game App:

Click here to download and install Logo Quiz Game from Google Play Store. If you are looking for direct download link, then scan the QR Code image below.

Logo Quiz QR Code

Logo Quiz Game app is nice entertaining app that lets you play and gives you knowledge about logos of popular brands and companies. If you are getting bored and looking for some lightweight and simple game, then this brain storming quiz game is one of the perfect one to download and install.

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Works With: Android 2.1 and up
Free/Paid: Free