Web Securify: Free Website Security Testing Environment

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Web Securify is a free robust Web application security testing environment that helps the user to test the security vulnerabilities and technical flaws in the websites. The users, naive and experienced alike, can test the targets for security vulnerabilities and flaws, effortlessly. It automates the testing process.


Web security has become a top priority these days owing to the expansion of the web and the market for it. Vulnerability of web applications may lead to the website’s security being compromised and thus leading to undesirable consequnces. Hence testing for these flaws and inconsistencies are becoming rigorous. One such tool is Web Securify which allows the user to either automate the process of Web Testing or do it all manually.

It works by automizing the browser operations and the user just has to specify the target to check for security vulnerabilities. A combination of multiple technologies is used to perform the tests. This software is constantly reviewed and updated by  experts who have hands on experience in web security testing and research. Therefore Web securify promises to be a reliable solution to find the loopholes related to web security.

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Websecurify has the following remarkable features:

  • Test Result generation: Web securify is capable of generating test results at any level of detail. Also the test results can be obtained in any localized language/ Format. Customization options are available to decide the level of detail and other features of the report.
  • Intuiveness: The application is intuitive enough to find the common flaws by itself. Some such vulnerabilities include, SQL injection, Cross site scripting, Cross site requests forgery , Session security and information leakage problems. Apart from this the user can also configure the tool to test for other inconsistencies using add-ons and plugins. So this implies that the application can also be modified according to the business requirement and security standard expected.
  • Multi platform, Multi format testing application: Web securify adjusts according to the web application targets and optimizes itself to produce efficient test results. Its core testing engine and cutting edge technolgies employed, make it one of the finest tools available for Web application security. The testing application works on operating systems like Windows, MAC OS X, and Linux. Apart from this it can also operate on various modern browsers and Virtual machines, practically making it platform independent.
  • Easy to use and Upgrade: Thanks to a simple design and functioning  this application is easy to use. Every single feature of the application can be extended or customized with the help of customization extensions and plugins.

With all these options and features, Web Securify is an excellent application in intuitively detecting the security vulnerablities and exposing them.

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Works With: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
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