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QMTest is a free software testing tool that provides a powerful application to test codes and software before implementing them. Before employing any code to action, it is important to test them for efficiency and killing bugs. Effective execution of test and solutions will make the application bugs free and easy to launch. QMTest is the testing solution that provides code testing tools to authenticate the software made by developers and there viability.

QMTest is an effective free testing software to test codes and software. The user wants to use complete and fault free applications. As developing and using faulty and non tested codes may result into loss of money and time. For testing, knowledge and proper tools count. For testing purpose, it is very essential that code developers use tools and techniques that effectively test the applications and remove all the bugs and defects in the codes for better performance.

The software vendors use such tools and techniques to test codes, which are either domain specific or are script based. Such tools and techniques are not useful for the users in concentration of the testing process. Such tools are ineffective when the user uses the tools for testing codes of the general programs. QMTest provides a cost-effective general purpose testing solution that allows an organization to implement a forceful, easy-to-use testing program for there applications and customizing the programs to its needs. You can also try XStudio another testing software.

Some of the key benefits of QMTest are

Powerful Free testing software

QMTest is a powerful testing tool for the developers when they are planning testing schedules. The application can be used extensively and is very reliable during testing process. QMTest can test everything from graphical user interfaces for Windows applications to database query language implementations on mainframes. The application provides its users hundreds of test runs to efficiently test the programs and program code. Quality Assurance (QA) engineers can run hundreds of thousands of tests distributed over a large testing farm. The best part of QMTest is, it’s customizable, and any feature of the application is extendable.


The testing tools are very intuitive and simple to use. This simple application can also be used without any customization for immediate use. Even the customization is very easy; you are only required to write small amounts of code in the popular Python programming language. QMTest uses a web-based graphical interface, but still allows power users to edit and execute tests from within their editors or from the command line. QMTest comes with a variety of useful test classes, suitable for general purpose use.


This free testing software is very portable and this very characteristic of the application makes it excellent to use. All the major software development platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, and other UNIX like systems support QMTest. The interface also works with Internet Explorer and Netscape like popular browsers. Storage formats have been carefully designed to avoid portability problems when moving tests from one platform to another. The application is designed to test any kind of embedded applications or other special purpose hardware. QMTest performs distinct operations to launch programs on embedded hardware and gives you relevant results for further scrutiny.


You can integrate extensions to QMTest, which work as core component to QMTest. It has graphical user interface that offers you forms to fill up before you start testing software and applications. It will remember your extensions and saves them for your future use. You can retrieve customize test, and test classes from its databases whenever you want to. In fact, all of QMTest’s default test classes, databases, and execution engines are implemented using the same technology that is used to implement extensions.

QMTest is specially designed for those QA managers that require quick and effective tools that can solve there testing purpose without incurring any cost or expenses. By using the QMTest you can perform domain specific or organization specific test on your codes. Before employing QMTest, you should make sure of the working of the testing tools and classes used in the software. You are offered a form to fill before you start testing codes. The form filling is very easy and not at all burden some. You can fill up the form without requiring any technical knowledge about the execution and performance of the tests.

The cost effectiveness of using QMTest is yet another benefit of the application. The initial investments that you require is just start using this service. Customize your test and test class and prepare a database to save your test class. Then you need not worry about any cost and expenses. Return on investment occurs quickly as users are able to take advantage of the power afforded them by the customized test class.

You can of course use extensions to run and customize QMTest to target any application domain, but many users of QMTest will be able to use the default components provided without any alteration. QMTest offers a variety of useful test classes, including a test class that runs an external program and checks its exit code. Using this test class, users can immediately use existing testing scripts and special purpose programs with QMTest. QMTest uses XML as default database format.

XML database is easy to handle and in text format so its easy for the users to make alterations and use the facilities of the database for manipulations and editing purposes or through scripts and other programs. The use of XML facilitates the storage of the database in any popular source control system. You can easily create scripts for the extensions and functionality that creates new tests and adds them to the database. Some other programming tools that we reviewed earlier include PHP IDE, Free XML Editor, and Diffuse.

QMTest comes with a powerful finishing engine that can automatically execute tests in comparable across multiple machines. This saves your time and you will know the test results in hand faster. Users just are required to mention the network description and type of hardware they are using and the operating systems available and on which the code are suppose to work. QMTest can then automatically divide the tests that are to be run among these machines.

This is a great software for testing codes and programs. QMTest comes in handy for project manager’s of a team, who want to reduce costs of testing.

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