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Easy Encrypt is a clever piece of free file encryption software which allows its users to utilize military strength encryption technology to ensure that some of their most sensitive files, such as passwords and bank details, remains safe from outside interference whilst on your computer. Free File Encryption Software like Easy Encrypt (and previously reviewed Crimson128, and Conceal) are a must have tool to protect your personal data.

The feature which separates Easy Encrypt from other free personal encryption software is the fact that it allows you to use a “key file” from your computer as well as or instead of a password when encrypting your file. Below, you can see that I am using an MP3 file as the encryption password for a file containing bank details. That is so cool!

The screen for encrypting a file using a key file with Easy Encrypt.

If you wish to use both a password and a key file to encrypt your information, then you have to run the wizard twice, once using a password and again using a key file. This is an advisable practice as it doubles the strength of your encryption, making it as near to impossible for someone to get hold of your information as you possibly can. If you use a password, you can store that in a free password manager, like, Password Safe.

A feature of Void Realms and their free personal encryption software in general is how easy it is to use. The wizard is completely self-explanatory and the program does as much of the work for you as it possibly can, meaning that even a novice computer user should be able to keep their files safe with Easy Encrypt. To encrypt your emails, you can use Gold Lock Desktop, and Trend Micro Email Encryption.

In summary, the free personal encryption software provided by Void Realms is a lovely way of doubly strong encryption than the traditional inputting of a password, utilizing technology for encryption that is equally as strong as the encryption used by the military on all of their sensitive computer files.

It may not be quite as powerful as Void Realms’ other encryption program Plain Sight, but it is still an excellent method of keeping your important files clear of prying eyes.

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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003
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