Plain Sight – Hide Your File Inside Other File!

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Plain Sight is a great free file encryption software. It uses a military level of encryption technology in order to hide one file (often containing passwords or other sensitive information) within another in a very clever method of encryption which is very difficult indeed to crack.

There are many free file encryption software, like, Crimson128, and Conceal. However, what sets PlainSight apart is its unique approach of hiding your files. It not only encrypts your files, it will also hide that file within some other file. This would make it very hard for anyone to guess that you have a file hidden somewhere there.

An example of how to encrypt a file using Plain Sight.

An example of how it works is shown above. I have chosen to place a Microsoft Word document containing passwords inside a music file on the desktop. I simply have to use the wizard to find the two files in question and decide on a file name and location for the key file that the program generates. All three of these files need to be known of in order to gain access to the file that is being encrypted, as well as the encryption password. It is a very difficult system to get into.

For this reason, the free file encryption provided by Plain Sight is very strong indeed due to the fact that all three files need to be found, along with knowing the password used when encrypting the file originally. With so much information required, there is very little chance of anyone being able to gain access to your files. It is the perfect way to keep sensitive information safe.

The user friendly wizard provided means that anyone, regardless of their proficiency with computers, is able to use the free file encryption software in the best and most secure way possible. Unlike many other free file encryption programs, no real specialist knowledge is required to get Plain Sight up and running, making it very valuable indeed.

Overall, Plain Sight is a very useful piece of software that enables a computer user, regardless of their level of expertise to keep some of their sensitive files safe using a very strong free file encryption method that is near impossible to get through.

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