Mad Trucker Free Truck Driving Game for PC

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Mad Trucker is a lightweight Truck Driving PC game. The game allows you to get behind the wheel of a large truck full of food items, that you need to deliver within two minutes. There is a total of 15 missions, and whenever you complete one, there is reward virtual money that you get. There are few things that you have to keep in mind while driving the truck. You need to complete it before the time limit of two minutes runs out. There is a health bar at the top that shows, well, your, or more specifically, your truck’s health. Starting with a full bar at 100%, it gets reduced by 5% each time you bump into an obstacle on the road, or hit a vehicle unfortunate enough to be on the same road as a 18 wheeler semi being maneuvered by a crazed dude or dudette behind the keyboard (that would be you!).

The download size of this game is just 12 MB!

Mad Trucker Game

By now you must have gotten a grip of what the game is all about (I mean, how hard it could possibly be?)

So let’s get into the nuances of this thing. The game has 15 missions for you to complete. Each mission requires you to complete it within that 2 minute limit, so in half an hour you will be done exploring the whole game (but only if the first words that came out of your mouth while being a kid were PlayStation, instead of Mom).

All you have to do is to drive a huge truck (One that looks that Optimus Prime :) in Transformers; and NO; before you even ask, you can’t get the evil Megatron variant from Dark of the Moon) deliver the food items in the time limited to just about 2 minutes. The truck is navigated with the help of four navigational Arrow Keys. There are sharp turns on the road, so take care while turning through the edges, don’t hit on any vehicle, (Though I personally liked hitting some, okay all of them, because it’s fun, and because those things go flying off the road like toys). But hitting them makes you lose 5% of your health. There are bumps on the road as well, try to cut through them, or they will cost you some of the health as well. And yeah, after first two missions there’s a car that throws bombs at your truck, for fun. Crush them for sure (You will love doing that!!).


The interface is very simple, easy handling of the game is one of USPs of the game. Each time you start a mission, you will be sailing your wheels in a new weather. Sharp cuts, cars throwing bombs, bumping roads, all make up for a simple old fashioned hit and run kind of gameplay. Though it’s quite fun thrashing cars for a little while, the game gets boring after a while (I don’t think you will never like to explore the same mission again and again). The background music and the vehicle likeness, combined with overall gameplay, is mediocre at best. But I really think I shouldn’t be complaining about a game that manages to stay fun while being just about 12 MB in size.

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How To Play Mad Truckers for PC:

The installation part is very easy, so lets skip and start with the game.

Step 1: Primarily you will have to choose the “Campaign” option to start a new game. After that, you will be guided to a window where you will have to choose a mission from the list displayed.

Mad Trucker Choose Mission

Step 2:After you choose the mission your game will start. You will see a giant truck crawling on the screen, as soon as the light turns green you will have the control over it. Just navigate you way through the road, trying to keep that thing straight.

Mad trucker game window

Step 3: Although the mission is quite easy to complete, that may not be the case for everyone. But not to worry, if it doesn’t work out, restart. As simple as that.

Now go and get playing!


  • Easy Handling
  • Sharp turns, bumpy road and few other chills will keep you glued to your seat for a quite a while.
  • Free.
  • Small Download Size.


  • Gets boring after a while.
  • Only 15 missions seem too less, I would’ve appreciated a couple more.

My Verdict

The fact that the game gets boring after a while, is what I hated the most, but due to  the small size, I am going to overlook the fact and give a “Nice” verdict to the game. So, If you’re a fan of lightweight, free, short mission games, go ahead and download this truck game for PC.

Get your free Mad Truckers here.

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