Chrome Font Manager App To Create Graphics With Text Letters: Typograf

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Typograf is a free Chrome font manager app that allows you to create graphics with text letters and make beautiful and interesting images. This font manager enables you to modify text in such a manner that you can create beautiful images out of text letters. You can share your creativity on many social networking sites like Facebook, StumbleUpon, Twitter and in addition it enables you to send this image via email to any desired person.

Typograf enables you to create art through text and offers you customizable options to change the color, font, size and content of the letters. It enables you to create many interesting images using these text letters. You just need to be creative to make the best use of this font manager. It also provides you many keyboard shortcuts so that you can draw your imagination appropriately.

Typograf final image

How To Use This Font Manager?

Typograf is a creative font manager, which can be grabbed by the link provided to you at the end of this article. You can simply click on the link and add this font manager app to your Chrome browser. You can launch this app simply by clicking on Typograf icon. As soon as you do that you can immediately begin to create beautiful graphics using this font manager.

Typograf 4

You need to choose any letter from the keyboard that you wish to place in the drawing area. You can view the size of your letter and set an appropriate size that you desire. You can do this by clicking on the “+” or ““ button located on the top along with other customizable features. You can hover your mouse on the black colored question mark located at the bottom-right corner of your screen and view the keyboard shortcuts offered to you in order to draw conveniently.

Typograf options

You can use other customizable options to get a desired appearance of the text letter so that you can attain an appropriate design. It allows you to change the font format and enables you to manage your letters by changing the letter’s case. It facilitates you to change the color of your letter using the color palate.

Typograf 6

If you are not satisfied with the graphics then you can simply click on the “Clear” button located on the third position from the topmost right corner of the screen. Once you are ready with your final image you can either opt to save or opt to publish it to any other social networking sites. It allows you to print your image using printer. You can also send this image via email to your friend/colleague and save your image.

Features Of Typograf:

Typograf last image

  • Free font manager app for Chrome
  • Allows you to create graphics with text letters
  • Lets you draw and delete letter
  • Provides you uppercase and lowercase
  • Enables you to customize the font size and font format
  • Provides you color palatte
  • Enables you to share your creativity on many social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, etc.
  • Facilitates you to print your image
  • Enables you to send your creation via email

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My Verdict For Typograf:

Typograf is a font manager that enables you to play with text letters and lets you create beautiful graphic images. Typograf could have been even better if redo/undo option was provided. The image also could have been saved to PC instead saving it to the database where it could not be found for future purpose. Therefore, you need tons of patience to create any imaginary picture.

Grab Typograf from here!

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Works With: Google Chrome
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